There’s MORE for you in the South of Cebu!

A safe and comfortable home is every family’s dream, a place where family ties are strengthened and memories are made. This 2020, there is no better time to realise the need to secure our loved ones with a safe environment and settle in a place that we can call our own. 

As the nation gradually embraces the new normal, now is the right time to find a home that fits you and your loved ones’ need for comfort and security. If you are considering owning a place in the Queen City of the South, choose a development that rewards you of your hard-earned savings. 

The development that gives more, has received high demand from the market and one of the best-selling subdivisions is no other than Casa Mira South. This development is Cebu Landmasters’ most sought-after economic housing development to date. An industry standard in housing, Casa Mira South gives more space, more amenities, and more value for your money. 

This 32-hectare subdivision bordering Langtad City of Naga and Pitalo, San Fernando is developed by the country’s best developer, Cebu Landmasters. It offers three types of townhouse units with floor areas ranging from 36.17 sqm to 58.05 sqm, assuring you a home that is ideal for raising a family, starting anew, or living the life you bountifully deserve.

Actual photos of Casa Mira South house units

Cebu Landmasters Inc. (CLI) has meticulously planned the development from its strategic location to its house unit design, up to its amenities, putting the Filipino family first in mind. Here are some reasons to choose this beautiful community:


The Casa Mira-cle in the South welcomes its residents with a contemporary modern Filipino architecture. All of these built structures are softened with over 2.4 hectares of natural parks, playgrounds, and natural greens. 40% of the entire property is dedicated to open space for residents to commune with nature & enjoy the panoramic views of the Cebu Sea. Casa Mira South provides an atmosphere that allows you to unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, enjoying the privileges you undoubtedly deserve. 


Every moment is filled with entertainment & relaxation at Casa Mira South. Residents can fully appreciate the privileges of the Casa Mira-cle with its main amenity area and two sub-amenity areas.

The main amenity area is where all residents can freely enjoy the grand community clubhouse.  It has the retail area and function hall, adult and kiddie pool, multi-purpose court, and drop-off pavilion.  Each of the two sub-amenity areas also has its own pavilion and multi-purpose court.

Actual photo of the Adult & Kiddie Pool

Religious gatherings can be done inside the residential subdivision with its very own chapel with a magnificently-designed altar. The chapel is at the center of Casa Mira South and can accommodate up to 150 pax.

Not only that, situated on the major amenity area of the development, the subdivision will also host some retail stores for the convenience of its residents. There’s so much to offer for every homeowner!

Actual photo of the chapel


Aside from a big open space, modern house design, and generous amenities, its affordable monthly pricing and payment terms also contribute to the great appeal of Casa Mira South to the Filipino family.

The Casa Mira communities are always known for being conveniently accessible to schools, business establishments, churches, hospitals, and malls. Just 14 kilometers from the South Road Properties, Casa Mira South is only 30 minutes by car from SM Seaside and the establishments sprouting around it.

What’s more convenient is that the development is managed by Cebu Landmasters’ in-house property management arm, CLIPM. The property management makes sure that the whole development is in excellent condition through regular inspection and maintenance. Stationed within the community makes it easier for the team to cater and address homeowners’ concerns. 

CLIPM frontliners making sure the residents are safe and secured

More families will soon experience the casa mira-cle of a lifetime with more units turned over to the new homeowners of Casa Mira South. Couples together with their families are ready to start their lives in their new homes. And as the year nearly closes, Cebu Landmasters is expediting the turnover of more units so that families can spend a more wonderful and meaningful time despite the pandemic. 

Casa Mira, CLI’s fastest-moving brand, is expanding to different key locations in Visayas and Mindanao. In Cebu, there are five Casa Mira developments namely Casa Mira Linao, Casa Mira South, Casa Mira Towers Labangon, Casa Mira Towers Guadalupe, and Casa Mira Towers Mandaue. In Visayas, there are three developments currently under construction — Casa Mira Coast in Negros Oriental, Casa Mira Bacolod, and Casa Mira Iloilo. Lastly is the Casa Mira Towers CDO in Mindanao. 

To know more about Casa Mira South, visit their website at or follow their Facebook page You can also visit to check out all Cebu Landmasters’ ongoing promos, or view Cebu Landmasters’ listings on Lamudi


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