Meralco Boosts Laguna Electricity Capacity

Electric power distribution company Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) has increased Calamba, Laguna’s electricity supply with the arrival of new substations in the province. The new substations aim to boost the growing demand in the booming city of Calamba. 

According to a report from The Philippine Star, European electronics and semiconductors manufacturer STMicroelectronics Inc. (STMI) has partnered with Meralco to develop and inaugurate the 115-kilovolt (kV) gas-insulated switchgear substation in Calamba’s Light Industry and Science Park II (LISP 2). This would aid STMI’s electric service upgrade from 34.5 kV to 115 kV and accommodate its projected demand increase from 14 megawatts (MW) last year to 20 MW by 2027. 

Meralco also commissioned the La Mesa 115-kV switching station to improve the area’s system reliability and power quality. 

“These projects are expected to address not only the limited power supply of ST Calamba, which is one of our highest operational risks, but also our future power supply demand, our power quality, our carbon neutrality strategy, and will definitely improve our site power resilience,” STMI vice president and general manager Yong Suk Kwon said.

Meralco’s Continuous Efforts 

Meralco senior vice president and head of networks Ronnie Aperocho said the company is committed to improving the country’s infrastructure and ensuring energy security. 

“This new STMI Substation along with our new La Mesa Switching Station is designed to support the growing power requirements of STMI’s Philippine office through the delivery of safe, adequate, reliable, and high-quality electricity service, which is consistent with our commitment to our more than 7.6 million customers,” he said.

Meanwhile, Meralco’s first vice president and chief commercial officer Ferdinand Geluz said, “Through our dedicated relationship management teams, Meralco works hand-in-hand with its enterprise customers to identify and tailor-fit solutions that will ensure reliable power for their operational requirements.”

Calamba City’s Growing Residential Scene

Calamba City is known for its rich cultural and historical heritage as it is the hometown of Jose Rizal, the country’s national hero. Today, Calamba is one of Laguna’s thriving towns for its growing industrial and agricultural economy. These substation upgrades would also entice more enterprises to build bases in Calamba, leading to more employment opportunities and real estate developments.

Calamba’s real estate scene attracts property seekers who want to settle in a place where urban and rural lifestyles collide. Based on Lamudi’s third-quarter of 2022 trend report, Calamba has attracted the majority of leads in Laguna, along with Sta. Rosa. Residents can expect a more reliable power supply to keep up with increasing demands with the new substations being developed in the city. 

Electricity is a necessity in every household, hence public and private sectors are innovating solutions to provide power for every Filipino home. For more real estate news and current affairs, visit this link now.


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