Lessons We Learned from Trending Online Purchases During the Pandemic

The pandemic was an era of online purchases. Cooped up at home, we turned to digital platforms to buy essentials and luxuries. A lot of these good buys were largely influenced by what we see on our social media timelines, from the interior design groups we joined to the celebrity home tours we watched. This has actually become a habit for many of us, finding home design inspirations online, shopping for items, looking at interior ideas once again, and then checking out. 

This cycle points to the fact that our homes have taken a more special significance in our lives amid the global health crisis. In fact, the budols we happily indulged ourselves in say a lot about what our homes have become during the pandemic.

Here are some of the lessons we learned from trending online purchases in the new normal:

We Want Our Homes to Be Spotless, and Cleaning It Should Be No-Sweat.

During the pandemic, different kinds of cleaning equipment became more popular. But it’s not just any other cleaning equipment. People bought the ones that are particularly convenient to use, which would make cleaning the home hassle-free. Bulky vacuum cleaners were out, and handheld, cordless equipment were in. Lightweight spray or steam mops were also the talk of the town. The popularity of these cleaning tools was driven by people’s need for a clean space and convenient home maintenance.

Since we spend a lot of time in our homes during the pandemic, it’s inevitable for clutter to build up. If you’re living with other family members, you know the struggle of having to deal with all the mess. But since there’s a lot going on at home, between working and attending online meetings and cooking meals and scrubbing bathrooms, people favored cleaning equipment that make chores easy and efficient.

We Want Our Homes to Be Organized.

Aside from cleaning the home, a lot of people became preoccupied with keeping things neat and in order. Celebrities and online influencers gave us pantry tours and ref raids that encouraged us to organize our own kitchens as well. Homeowners were buying more food storage jars, ingredient canisters, and dispensing bottles, decanting pantry items. 

But beyond the kitchen, we’ve been doing a lot of organizing in other areas of the home. Make-up and skincare items in the bedroom were neatly arranged in acrylic or ceramic organizers, while toiletries, such as soap and shampoo, are stored in clear, aesthetic amber bottles. More than a visual treat, an organized home is more functional. There’s less time wasted on trying to locate things when you need them.

We Want Our Homes to Be Convenient–Automated, if Possible.

Remember the popularity of air fryers? Everyone was crazy about these appliances during the first few months of the pandemic, precisely because it makes meal preparations convenient. It does little disruption to your remote work situation. You simply have to pop in the food you want cooked, set the temperature and time, and then continue with work. By the time your online meeting is done, your food is ready. 

Part of people’s need for a convenient home is equipping their spaces with smart technologies. Home automation isn’t new, but a lot of people have adopted it for the same purpose of taking the hassle out of house chores. As experts have noted, this will likely be mainstream in the next years as homeowners have already discovered the convenience of having such technology during the pandemic. 

We Want Our Homes to Be Aesthetic.

If you’re an active member of home design social media groups, for sure, you know how big the battle was between #TeamKahoy and #TeamPuti during the height of the pandemic. Everyone’s into beautifying their homes, adorning rooms with wood accents or clean white color schemes. From appliances like electric fans and rice cookers to rugs, window treatments, and even bathroom buckets, everything’s aesthetic. You spend a lot of time in your home, so it’s natural to want to make it pleasing to the eyes.

The trendy items we purchased online amid the pandemic are a reflection of how our homes have changed over the crisis. The home of the future will be one of the core topics in the highly anticipated The Outlook: Philippine Real Estate Conference this year. The event is co-presented by KONE and in partnership with media organizations Malaya, Manila Standard, Manila Times, Business Mirror, Sunstar, Real Estate Blog PH, Mediablast Digital, and Tips Geeks.

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The Outlook by Lamudi gathers the most prominent and respected personalities in Philippine real estate to open avenues for discussion of the latest news and developments in the industry. 


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