Invest Your Hard-earned Commission in Yourself

Last Updated on December 3, 2019 by Lamudi

The end of the year is not just a good time to look back at everything that had happened; it’s also a time to look towards the future. In your case, this is the perfect season to plan how you can be better at your profession in the coming year. But more than the right timing, you also want to take advantage of the abundant resources you have: commissions, bonuses, or 13th-month pay here, year-end sales there, and Christmas shopping savings everywhere. Maximizing resources by investing in your professional development will, for sure, generate great returns. That said, here are some strategies to try to grow your real estate career:

Get a wardrobe makeover

The first thing property buyers see when they meet you is how you dress. It makes sense to invest in good clothes. When revamping your wardrobe, remember the basic principle: go for simplicity. That means, find the basics. For women, some of the top staples are a black blazer, button-down shirt, and long-sleeved blouse. For the bottom, you need a pencil skirt and a pair of black slacks. For men, spruce up your closet with a new business suit, a cardigan, a dress shirt, and a pair of black pants. 

Of course, don’t neglect the shoes. Women, buy a good pair of wedges. Men, go for nice leather shoes or boots. Simplicity also extends to the colors that you choose for your clothes. Stick to neutrals: black, white, beige, ivory, grey. These hues, though simple, give you a clean, professional look to go with your elevator pitch

Enhance your knowledge

It’s not just the appearance that needs improvement, of course. Commit to developing the mind, too, particularly, your knowledge about the real estate industry. Your mastery will not just contribute to a greater likelihood of more earnings, but ultimately, better credibility for your persona. And remember, in the service sector, this is the most compelling asset. This is what draws clients in and turns them into advocates for your services.

There are lots of ways to improve mastery in your field. Buy a book or two. Join networking events for brokers in your locale. Or perhaps, sign up for our newsletter. You may also take advantage of short-term courses, like those offered at Lamudi Academy, which offers classes covering everything from basic online real estate marketing to more advanced lessons. By the end of the session, you’ll understand the pros and cons of commonly-used lead generation channels and maximize the benefits in your own practice. Of course, you’ll also know how you can best navigate our platform and convert leads into sales.

Give in to the latest gadgets

Gadgets are nice investments, simply because they can make your life as a broker a lot easier. But of course, not all the latest tools are worth buying. Some are just trendy or flashy, and by the time that you realize they’re just that, you already spent half of your commission. So be wise in choosing the gadgets to buy — take inventory of your needs, and from there, check out the available tools that can help address that need.

For instance, taking high-quality pictures of the properties you sell is one of your top priorities. Although your phone may be good for snapping photos, it’s still best to get a nice camera. Images simply look sharper when they’re taken with the latter. Go for mirrorless cameras. They’re more lightweight than DSLR, but the quality of the photos is on point. If it’s within your budget to buy a drone, do it. 

You may also consider getting a portable scanner to manage documents better, a Bluetooth speaker to play music during house tours, and a smart notebook, which lets you scribble stuff on a real, physical notebook, and then store notes on the phone. A powerbank with built-in cords (so they don’t get tangled in your bag), a smartwatch, and a portable phone projector are also good investments. 

Take note that the tools of your trade aren’t just gadgets. Some can be in the form of apps or online software. For instance, Canva, an online graphic design tool, can very well help you in your marketing collaterals. Trello, a task management tool, can aid in keeping track of to-dos. HootSuite is useful for your social media campaigns. As the year comes to a close, learn how to use and master these tools.

Look back at your triumphs and struggles this 2019, then look forward and prepare for the year to come. Have a clear vision this 2020 by starting on the right foot: investing in your professional development.


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