These Apps are Must-Haves for Every Real Estate Agent

Arm yourself with these tech-savvy real estate tools to boost your sales and close more deals

With the advancement of technology, the evolution of the needs of consumers is faster than ever. The rise of social media, for instance, has been an important catalyst as Filipinos build a digital community. According to London-based consultancy firm We Are Social, the Philippines has established itself as a world leader when it comes to social media, hitting a record of 76 million people online.

For players in real estate, this is a huge opportunity to expand their businesses and reach out to more people. In fact, technical innovations have not gone by unnoticed by property sellers. 

Keep up with the times and make your mark in the digital age of real estate using property technology. Start with these tech-savvy platforms ranging from gadgets to mobile applications.

Navigation apps

Driving or taking a cab to a property on time can be difficult with Metro Manila’s current traffic conditions. If you want to avoid jammed thoroughfares, global positioning system (GPS) navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps are your allies. They will show you what traffic looks like in real time, and then suggest alternate routes to avoid road congestion.

You can even use this to help your client find the property if you are coming separately. Simply plot the path from their location to the destination, take a screenshot (or print it out), and share it with them.

Ride-hailing apps

Meeting a client soon but don’t have a vehicle? You can always try flagging down a taxi, but there is the risk of being turned down after revealing your destination. This is why ride-hailing apps like Grab, Hype, and Hirna are helpful. Just type in your location and destination, book the trip, and wait for a nearby driver to accept. You can even book larger vehicles if you and your clients are traveling to the property together. Plus, some of them offer various vehicle options to suit your budget. And if you’re short on cash, don’t worry; some apps accept other modes of payment, like credit or debit cards.

Also, most (if not all) drivers use a digital map to find the fastest way to where you’re going. Not only will you be able to find your destination even in an unfamiliar place, but you can also take the fastest route to get there.

Messaging apps

No need to spend money making calls or text messages to follow up with clients with messaging apps like Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp. This is particularly advantageous if you have a prepaid phone plan. All you need is internet access and you can use these apps to contact potential buyers, send files, and share images quickly and easily.

Virtual reality goggles

When buying a property, nothing beats seeing the real thing to get an actual feel of the place. But what if your client cannot take time off from work? Or if they are based in Manila and the property is in Davao? This is where virtual reality (VR) comes into play. All you need to do is access the 360-degree rendering of the property using your smartphone, slip your phone into the goggles and have your client put the gadget on. Immediately, the client is virtually transported right in the middle of the property even if they’re far from it. This futuristic way of property tripping is becoming increasingly popular, urging real estate companies to make use of it.


Wear productivity on your sleeve, literally. Not only can you use your smartwatch for fitness and leisure activities, you can use it to secure prospective buyers, too. You can use it to contact potential clients through calls, email, messages, and social media.

Additionally, a smartwatch would allow you to tap into your client list with the seamless technology of connecting it to your phone. Keep track of appointments without setting up your laptop or going on your phone. You’re sure to never miss a message or notification if you get it straight to a device that is literally strapped to you at all times.

Efficiency and speed is the name of the game in today’s fast-paced digital-savvy world. If you’re not keeping up with the times, you risk getting shunned to obscurity and your business might suffer as a consequence. 

Sources: The Balance Small Business

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