Top Technology Trends that Will Shape the Ideal Home in a Crisis

For the most part, technology has defined the new normal we’re living now. While staying at home, people have resorted to teleconferencing platforms to communicate with colleagues and loved ones. We turned to grocery and food delivery apps, as well as e-commerce for our essentials. There are more home innovations that are likely to influence not just everyday living but also home buying, as the pandemic shapes the ideal home.

This is one of the key things property experts mentioned in the recently concluded virtual Lamudi roundtable discussion, New Behaviors, New Demands: What Matters to Homebuyers Now. As a broker, you need to learn about these rising trends to be one step ahead of your peers.

Below are some of the emerging technologies you should keep an eye on:

Cyber-Ready Features

One of the panelists in the roundtable discussion, Jenna Belardo, AVP and Business Unit Head for Property Sales of Ortigas Land, said that they’re seeing a lot of people looking for ready-for-occupancy units in the past months. Notably, these buyers want properties that offer connectivity amenities. 

“The market is upgrading to a better, modern building, a cyber-ready, connected building because internet connectivity is very important [at] this time,” she said. She added later on that they’re treating the internet as a utility, a service readily available upon move-in of residents.

Given the growing demand for cyber-ready units, don’t overlook information about internet providers in the properties you’re selling. At the very least, you should be able to include in your listings that there are provisions for internet services.

Smart Devices

Appliances and home features that can connect to the internet have already been in place before the pandemic hit. Yet, it may likely be more popular post-crisis as many people look for amenities that increase convenience moving forward. In the roundtable discussion, Belardo said that they’re introducing smart units in their developments as part of their future-proofing efforts. 

If you’re selling homes that have automated features, highlight them in your marketing materials. Show how these things work in a series of how-to videos. With this, the market will see the value of having automated features in their homes.

Digital Locksets

Aside from appliances and fixtures, security is increasingly becoming connected, too. In Lamudi’s virtual event, Elizabeth Ventura, President of Anchor Land Holdings, Inc., mentioned that digital security systems have been one of the innovations they introduced in their developments. 

This feature will likely see more demand in the new normal given that people are becoming more conscious not only of their health safety but also their security, in the physical and virtual sense.

Touchless Amenities

It’s no surprise that these will see more popularity, considering its benefits. In the virtual discussion, Markus Nisula, Managing Director of KONE Philippines, said that the innovative elevator solutions they’re offering are touchless in response to the current pandemic. Building occupiers only need to tinker around an app to call their elevator. No more touching of buttons.

Nisula also noted that smart buildings need not be digital per se. In their case, the latest elevator products they’re launching are made of next-generation materials. These have self-healing features; they can get rid of scratches on their own. Grab the attention of investors by marketing these amenities.

Property Management Platforms

Speaking of contactless technologies, there’s also been a trend towards apps that provide value-added services to residents or investors. Belardo said that they introduced a platform that serves like a concierge for dwellers.

Ventura, on the other hand, shared that all their developments feature a property management system, which is helpful for their clients who have rental investments. She said, “Our clients can monitor the activities, requests, and updates of their property management on a real-time basis, whether they’re here or abroad.”

Air Purifying Systems

Hinged on health and safety, air cleaning technologies are more likely to be among the top features homebuyers will look for in the near future. This is especially because of reports showing that viruses stay in the air for hours. Developments have been on it, fortunately.

Ventura shared that purification systems are already in place in their units. Nisula, on the other hand, mentioned that their elevators feature UV light, which clean the air. 

Tech is now shaping the new normal. In the next few months, they will dominate homes and the way we live. Don’t be surprised if your next client asks for these tech trends.

If you want to learn more about the current state of the real estate market, watch the latest roundtable discussion here.


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