New Year, New Space: 5 Home Design Moves for 2021

With everyone being stuck indoors, for the most part, 2020 has been an eventful year for our homes. They have witnessed everything, from the sudden shift to remote work, to our newfound gardening hobby and even the recent storms. 

All that has happened this year influenced how we use our space. This is why it’s worth looking back to the year that has passed when exploring interior design ideas for 2021. If you’re looking to make your home ready for the brand new year, consider these design moves:

Make It Disaster Resilient

Before we go to fun aesthetics, securing your home is a must. As you’re well aware, a series of typhoons have marked the latter half of 2020. Being disaster-prone, the country will likely face more natural disasters in 2021 and the coming years. Make every effort to lessen the risks calamities pose in your home.

To reduce damage from rising floodwaters, elevate your home’s floor level, if possible. Use barriers, such as sandbags or concrete. Add storm windows and doors as protection against strong winds during typhoons. Secure your roofs with steel fasteners. The gutters should be clean and free of obstructions, such as leaves and debris. If you’re still planning to build your home next year, you may want to consider Pinoy Architect’s typhoon-proof home and incorporate simple small house interior design ideas.

Dedicate a Work Area

Remote work is here to stay. Although there’s the prospect of vaccines being available soon, work-from-home will be a part of professionals’ lives moving forward. That said, instead of buying cheap work desks, invest in creating a real workspace. This would be a huge part of modern Filipino interior design moving forward.

If you have a spare room in your house, convert that into a home office. Buy ergonomic tables, the ones whose heights can be adjusted, and comfortable chairs. Dedicate an area for storing files, attending online meetings, and taking a break. 

Carve Out Multifunctional Zones

No extra space? No problem. Maximize the square meters you have by creating spaces that can serve multiple purposes. This is especially useful for condos. To pull this off, use multipurpose furniture.

Invest in sofa beds, wall-mounted, pull-out desks, and ottoman coffee tables. With these clever multipurpose furnishings, you can turn your kitchen instantly into a home office or your bedroom into an entertainment room. Check out these stores for affordable furniture in Manila.

With these zones, your condo interior design will be more functional, not to mention very neat. You’ll have plenty of space for recreational activities. 

Open Up Your Space

Open floor plans have been a distinct feature of modern Filipino interior design in the last years. But today, it’s becoming more popular since a cramped space isn’t the best place to be in when you’re in quarantine. In case there will be an implemented lockdown again in the future, you would want open, airy space.

Tearing down the walls between your living room, kitchen, and dining room, you’ll have more area to move around in. In condo interior design, it will create the illusion of an expansive room. 

Aside from space, the open floor plan will allow you to bond with family members easier. Besides, if you’ll be welcoming guests next year, a bigger living area would make room for better social distancing.

Include Some Greenery

Bring nature into your home as you embrace plant parenting. The sight of greenery will not just put you in a pleasant mood, but also purify the air indoors. With this, you can breathe easier in a healthier home.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been into the gardening hobby yet. There are plenty of beginner-friendly plants that are perfect for decorating your interiors. One option is snake plant. They’re low-maintenance that they can survive droughts and low light conditions. Another option is Giganteum. This is perfect for filling big spaces. But if you want a modern Filipino interior design that has the signature relaxing tropical vibe, include some lady palms in your space.

From an office to a Zoom room background to a safe shelter against typhoons, the home has taken different roles in this very eventful year. Take the 2020 memories with you as you enter a brand new year and make your space 2021-ready.


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