Feng Shui for 2020: 4 Interior Design Moves to Bring Good Luck to Your Home

The Year of the Metal Rat, the first of the signs, promises a prosperous season, as it marks the start of a new feng shui period. It’s an opportune time for new beginnings. At home, it presents the perfect opportunity to give the space a new look. Feng shui is what you need in this creative task. That said, here are some decorating tips that can help you attract good luck at home:

Change Your Color Palette

A fresh, new color for the home is one of the best ways to make makeovers count. But considering feng shui in the process, you have to be picky with the hues. Metal is the dominant element this coming year, and it’s closely associated with white, gray, and gold. In the Yang polarity, gold is the color that embodies the energies of the metal element best. Thus, it’s one of the things you want to incorporate in home decor.

At the same time, take note of your lucky colors this year, based on your zodiac sign. Here’s a list of your best bets:

  • Ox: malachite green, ceruse white, and fuchsia pink
  • Tiger: ebony black, azure blue, and cerulean blue
  • Rabbit: klein blue, cherry blossom pink, and fuchsia pink
  • Dragon: crimson red, chrome yellow, and gold
  • Snake: maya blue, forest green, and English green
  • Horse: burnt sienna, opaline green, and spring green
  • Goat: celestial blue, honey yellow, and alabaster white
  • Monkey: ruby red, turquoise green, and mimosa yellow
  • Rooster: Persian blue, maya blue, and chrome yellow
  • Dog: opaline green, snow white, and pearl gray
  • Pig: bright pink, silver gray, and sulfur yellow

Use these colors in painting walls, introducing statement furniture, and buying new linens.

Declutter Your Space

Clutter can ruin or block the flow of good energy in your home. That’s why it’s important to clear out unnecessary stuff from your space. In the bedroom, prioritize the removal of clutter in your closet and the area under the bed. In the kitchen, throw away unused cans, jars, and bottles from the cabinets and refrigerator. Clean your pots and pans, as well as drawers and lighting fixtures. 

As for the bathroom, scrub surfaces. Remove and replace grout, if necessary. Toss out unused stuff from your cabinets and storage racks. Don’t forget the entrance of your home. Clutter easily builds up there, with piles of mail, umbrellas rarely used, or coats and shoes left unarranged. Clean these up. Make pathways clear. Remember, your goal is to keep the energy flow in a positive manner.

Incorporate Water Elements

The year 2020 is the year of metal. It’s worth taking note that this element creates water. So while you’re using gold already in your color palette, don’t neglect water, as this symbolizes wealth and prosperity. This can be as simple as hanging photos depicting bodies of water, like oceans or lakes, or placing an aquarium in the front area of the home. Choose a painting with the dominant classic blue shade if you must, to incorporate the Pantone color of the year into your home design as well. If you have a little more budget, install a fountain wall at your entrance hall. An indoor water garden is also a nice feature. These details can improve the zen in your home and retain positive energy.

Place the water elements in empty corners to give visual interest to those spaces. You can also put them near big windows, as the water catches the light and accentuates the entire piece.

Rearrange Furniture Layout

You don’t want the furniture to block pathways in your space. This principle is also important in improving the energy flow in the room. When you rearrange your furnishings, your goal is to provide easy room access. A good starting point for this is to stand at key points at home, where people usually hang around, and see if there are any obstructions. Rearrange the movable pieces. Use plants or fabrics for the walls, columns, or unmovable elements. 

Feng shui also dictates that when you position sofas in a room, you should not be able to see a door in front of you. At the same time, you shouldn’t sit with your back against a window. If you’re introducing new furnishings in your space, avoid using too many or too big pieces when you have a small room. Again, you don’t want to make the area cramped.

As you spruce up your interiors for the coming year, do it in a way that attracts good luck. Welcome the Year of the Metal Rat with anticipation for new successes.


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