5 Practical Tips to Declutter your Home

Interior experts say that the major reason behind every cluttered household is the lack of organization and decision. This is especially true for people who find sentimental reasons to hold on to old stuff. It’s not a bad thing, but old pieces certainly end up in disorganized piles of items in the stock room or in your closet.

To help you organize your home, Lamudi has put together some practical tips to declutter your personal space to make it more livable.


1.  Apply the Four-box Method

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It’s as simple as getting four boxes and labelling them: “Put Away”, “Give Away/Sell”, “Storage”, and “Trash.” By using this method, the homeowner is forced to make a decision. For example, in organizing your living room, you can identify whether you want to put an item in another section of the house, sell it at a garage sale, donate it to charity, store it, or throw it out. Do not let go of an item until you have made a decision about which box it should go to. Continue doing that until you have sorted out all your stuff and filled all the boxes. Afterwards, spend 10 to 15 minutes emptying them—relocate the items you want to keep, seal the box containing the stuff you want to sell or give away, create an inventory for the items that would go to storage, and take the trash out. Do this in every section of the house at least once a month and see positive results.


2. Use the Oprah Hanger Method

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No matter what size or type of wardrobe closet you have, nothing is more stressful than getting lost in a closet full of disorganized clothes! To solve this, you can apply the hanger method often used by the public icon Oprah Winfrey. Hang all your clothes with the hangers facing backwards (the opposite direction to usual). When you return them to your closet after use, turn the hanger around so that is facing in the correct direction. Do this for five to six months so that you can have a clear picture of the clothes you don’t wear too often or don’t wear at all. These can be donated to charity or sold.


3. In-and-out

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Drawers and cabinets usually fall victim of clutter inside the house. Old, useless pens, receipts, notepads, used post-its and much more are stored inside these small corners. To declutter, for every item you put in, you should throw one out. But you can also do it in reverse: take everything out of your drawer, and put items inside one piece at a time. This way, you can decide what stuff you really need in those drawers and what goes straight to the bin.


4. Store and label

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The kitchen is one of the most challenging places to declutter, but worry no more. The simple solution to keeping your kitchen organized is to use small, lidded jars or containers for your kitchen drawers and cupboards. You can put your ingredients in clear containers, as well as strings, ties, rubber bands, even clothespins. It will make your life easier, and your kitchen cleaner. You can also utilize small spaces to organize and maximize space in your kitchen area.


5. Establishing Good Habits

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Changing the way you visualize your home and establishing good habits can really help you deal with clutter and organize your household on a daily basis.

For example, learn to practice a routine by putting your keys on the proper rack or leaving your shoes inside the shoe drawer. When sorting the mail, instead of bringing it inside your home, sort through it over the trash can. Select the important mail, throw away the junk immediately.

Learn to outsource. Instead of buying, keeping and storing magazines and books in your living area, go to the nearest library for your catch up reading. Do not buy home repair items like drills or other bulky equipment that you rarely use, if you can rent or borrow them from a friend or neighbor. You can also hire cleaning services to clean your house without having to buy huge vacuum cleaners, cleaning products and other materials that would only add to your household clutter. The less stuff you bring inside your home, the less cluttered it will be. When you actively choose habits that encourage organization, you can maximize your personal space.



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