Hassle-free Relocating: Cleaning, Moving, and Refurbishing Services Directory

Many companies offer professional cleaning and moving assistance to give you a fun relocating memory. Use this directory of websites and numbers to get started in finding the best fit.

You made it. After years of hard work, you’ve finally gotten yourself your own place. It is new, nicer, and located in a more strategic location. This house represents independence and a fresh start. What a time to be alive! You couldn’t help but wish it is weekend already.

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Suddenly though, you begin to imagine yourself packing your stuff, cleaning both the old and new house, and driving back and forth to transfer those big boxes. For some reason, you now feel physically tired. If only you can skip this part, right?

Keep it fun

Good thing, there are many companies that offer professional cleaning and moving assistance for people like you. Simply find one near your area to make sure that they attend to you right when you need them. You’re lucky if you meet one that offers all the services you need.

Here is a list of companies that provide cleaning, moving, and even refurbishing services to help you out:

Cleaning services

message@captaincleaners.ph / (02) 964-3052

inquiry@prestigehousekeeping.com.ph / (02) 750-5421

askforhelp101@gmail.com / 0917-695-1855

info@makaticleanhomes.com / (02) 478-5446

admin@philkleen.com / (02) 882-1374

info@happyhelpers.ph / 0918-450-0024

operations@egsiclean.com / (02) 637-5348

homecareserve@gmail.com / (02) 552-6770

info@cleaninglady.ph / 0939-838-3471

spicnspan.manila10@gmail.com / 0917-880-MAID

checkersph@gmail.com / (02) 288-22-06

Some of the things you may want to check when looking for a cleaning company include experience, training, certification, availability, and customizable plans and programs. Don’t hesitate to ask them all the questions you have in mind when you speak over the phone. With the way they answer, you can already assess their friendliness, which is important to ensure your pleasant relocation experience.

Movers and Removalists

info@safehouse.com.ph / (020 989-3201

info@carepakmoving.com / (02) 809-5808

(02) 485-7517

philippines@asiantigers-mobility.com / (02) 837-6022

qrm@quickpakgroup.com / (02) 837-3471

(02) 873-6814

classic@classic-movers.com / (02) 813-4279

DGV@annexusinternational.com / (02) 817-2457

inquiry@asia-relocation.com / (02) 810-4977

(02) 671-8000

info@allianceintlmovers.com / (02) 502-1092


So what makes a good moving company? Take time to check their website and social media accounts for positive reviews and recommendations. More importantly, they must also have a license and insurance. Also, see to it that they are transparent with rates and a good fit for your individual needs.

Refurbishing & interior design

jen@j-designs.net / 0917-844-1007

mjlm.designs@gmail.com  / (02) 738-1082

(0906) 498-78-32

project.designcorner@gmail.com / 0923-730-4547

design@buensalidoarchitects.com / (02) 892-2362

(0919) 655-5212


rvconcept65@yahoo.com / 0939-767-4623

info@designhq.net / (02) 921-7819


sedinteriordesigns@gmail.com / (02) 435-82-11

sohudesigns@gmail.com / 0920-926-8086

m.me/TokyoGrandRenovation / (02) 832-1676

hello@heiminteriors.com / 0917-561-HEIM

(02) 512-5360 / 0933-442-2469

Same with the first two, a good house refurbishing and design company would get recommendations from happy clients. Make sure that you see their portfolio so you can save time and narrow your options quickly. Then, when you meet with them, you’ll see how good they are in terms of planning and helping you realize what exactly do you want for your new home.

Relocating doesn’t have to be difficult. These professional services would make sure that you leave nothing behind and your new place would be as fresh and dreamy as it can be. So go, call them now and save your energy for later when you organize your upcoming house blessing!


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