5 Awesome Home Design Trends to Embrace in 2020

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As you welcome the new year, embrace the possibility of dressing your home with a new look. Believe it or not, simple changes like a fresh coat of paint and rearranged furniture layout can create a big difference. Of course, you’re not looking for just any kind of change. You want a nice, visually-appealing, perhaps Pinterestable, difference. Here, we rounded up some of the hottest design trends that should definitely make their way into your home:

Theme: Granny Chic

If you’re an avid follower of interior design magazines (and Instagram pages), for sure, you know the wildly popular theme “grandmillennial.” Adorned with what most people would call outdated, this brand of aesthetics sports chinoiserie elements, frilly pillows, floral chintz, ruffles, and lots of draperies. Interestingly, it’s embraced by millennials who have an eye and nostalgia for beautiful things, which is what gave the style its name. 

If you adopt this trend yourself, remember that the style is maximalist in essence. You want to have a balance of visual elements in your space. So if you already have a lot of wallpapers and accents with wild patterns, tone down details in other areas such as furniture or carpets.

Color: Sharp Monochromatic Hues

Monochromatic colors are timeless. But this year, bold shades are going to be more popular, as people deviate from the overused minimalist feel. The best way to embrace this trend is to sport the Pantone color of the year, which is classic blue. We’ve even started a Pinterest Board to help you figure out where to start incorporating classic blue into your home design.

Start on small spaces in your home, such as a tucked corner in your living room or the shower area in your bathroom. This move is less challenging, compared to painting the entire room. 

Another thing to keep in mind when working on monochromatic spaces: add a lot of textures. Using classic blue as the only color in a room can make the space look flat, but if you introduce a variety of textures, like velvet chairs, faux fur rugs, and fluffy pillows, you can avoid that uninteresting look.

Furniture: Mix of Old and New

Marrying vintage with modern isn’t new, of course. This 2020, more people will be embracing this aesthetic to keep up with popular trends, while also keeping pieces that bring nostalgia to their interiors. This is the way to go when you don’t want to go full-on granny chic. How do you mix old and new furniture — and not make it look random and cluttered? 

One good technique to follow is the 80-20 principle. It’s pretty straightforward: 80% of the room elements go to one style, and the other gets the remaining 20%. If you choose to have more modern furniture, then the accent pieces, like the console table, room dividers, and ottomans, should be vintage.

Decor: Plants, Plants, Plants

As more people realize the relaxed feel natural elements bring to the space, they will definitely be keen on welcoming more greenery indoors. If you’re considering bringing in bigger plants, use eye-catching pots to further accentuate them. Place them along natural sightlines. Mini plants can be positioned in groups on top of shelves or hung on a wall. You can also line them up in your stairs. Recycle old cans in your kitchen as containers. If you have the budget for one long stretch of a living wall, go ahead and try this interior design feature.

Some of the best indoor plants you can introduce to your home are snake plant, golden pothos, lucky bamboo, and jade plant. These require little maintenance. Perfect for busy homeowners.

Space Use: Multi-Functional

In the last few years, open-floor layouts have become the norm. With fewer barriers, spaces are taking on a multi-functional approach. Kitchens with islands are no longer mere food preparation areas. They may also function as a dining room and sometimes, a workstation. Walk-in closets have also become home offices or vice versa. This coming year, homeowners will be more intentional in making their spaces multi-functional to maximize rooms.

The principle you need to keep in mind when creating multi-function spaces is versatility. The best move is to strive for a 50-50 split on the purpose of a room, but that rarely works. What you want to do instead is retain the main room’s purpose, but introduce flexible furniture. For your guest bedroom, go for a bed that can be easily folded into a wall cabinet, so the free space can be used to set up a work desk. Voila, you have a guest bedroom and a home office in one room.

Include giving your interiors a facelift in your new year’s resolutions. Take note of these trends, but also remember the timeless principles of home design. With both of these in mind, you’re going to have a new look for the home that’s not only nice or Pinterestable, but also amazingly comfortable and functional.


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