7 Design Ideas for a Parisian-Inspired Home

Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world. Aside from its romantic sights, delicious cuisine, and swoon-worthy architecture, Paris is also famous for its simplistic yet elegant interior design. Parisian-style interiors combine modern and classic themes with chic touches that make a big impact. A Parisian home’s most common themes include pristine white walls, tall windows, and marble fireplace mantels. 

Recently, Heart Evangelista revealed that she purchased an apartment in Paris. As one of the biggest influencers involved in real estate and with her jet-setting lifestyle, it is no surprise that she bought a property in the fashion capital of the world. 

However, you don’t have to spend much or even travel halfway across the world to achieve your Parisian goals. Here are some design ideas to help you achieve that Paris-inspired home:

7 Design Ideas for a Parisian-Inspired Home

Gilded French Mirror

A gilded mirror is a must-have to achieve a French-style home and is commonly seen in many period films. Unlike traditional mirrors, a gilded mirror adds an elegant touch with its golden-hued frame. Moreover, you can easily purchase this in home design stores and antique shops or DIY your gilded French mirror. Since a mirror is easy to install, you can add this to your rental apartment and give your space a personal touch.

Faux Fireplace

Fireplaces are common in most apartments in Paris as it provides warmth during the cold winter days. But even if the Philippines doesn’t experience this season, you can still add a faux fireplace to your home. Not only are these beautiful to look at, but they also provide space-saving solutions for those living in smaller houses, apartments, and condos. Some faux fireplaces come with storage spaces, keeping your space clutter-free. You can also DIY a faux fireplace and have it as your accent piece in your living room or family room.

Crystal Chandelier

Parisian-style interiors combine elegance with classic pieces, and a crystal chandelier makes for the perfect pièce de résistance in your home. Chandeliers add character to the ambiance and help brighten your space, especially if you want to maximize narrow corridors. A crystal chandelier is also the perfect addition to high ceilings in a loft-style condo or penthouse apartment. For an added touch of sophistication, add a ceiling medallion for your crystal chandelier.

Wall Moulding

Looking to spruce up your plain walls? Install wall moulding to decorate your walls, fill in the gaps, and protect the surface. Wall moulding also creates a focal point in a living room, bedroom, dining room, and entryway. You can also extend it to the doors and ceiling of your room to complete the look. Typical wall moulding in most Parisian homes comes in white, but you can paint it in gold or other colors to complement your walls.

Parquet Wood Floors

Complement your white walls with parquet wood flooring. Also known as herringbone flooring, this is another common element in French apartments and homes. The hardwood floors create a nice contrast against plain-colored walls. It is also cheaper than marble tiles, which may require higher maintenance. Add an oriental or vintage rug to your parquet wood floors to make them look modern, or you can just leave it bare.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are a fundamental element of French-style interiors. This makes your space look wider and adds a warm and comfortable feel to your home. Having neutral-colored walls also makes it easier for you to choose decorations and furniture to complement your space. Whether you choose beige, light gray, or cream-colored walls, you can create a dreamy and relaxing vibe for your house.

Parisian-Style Decor

Unlike American-style interiors, Parisians prefer a more minimal and personalized approach to using decorative accents. In this case, you can decorate your space with books, bust sculptures, dried or fresh flowers, scented candles, and vintage trays. However, take note that less is more when it comes to Parisian interiors, so avoid overcrowding your space.

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