The Ups and Downs of Living in a Penthouse Apartment

Do you want a change of scenery or live closer to the skies and enjoy an unobstructed, panoramic view of the city and other luxurious features? If so, live in a glamorous, contemporary penthouse apartment.

A penthouse unit is a spacious and luxurious unit traditionally located on the top floor of an apartment building, condominium, or hotel. This living space is deemed extravagant because of its size, top-notch views, and privacy. A penthouse may also have a private swimming pool, private entrance or elevator, higher ceilings, a terrace, oversized windows, a garden, and more features and amenities that make it the best of the best. Indeed, living in a penthouse unit for rent is a status symbol and an excellent way to showcase your financial capabilities.

While living in a penthouse sounds posh, there are still ups and downs with this type of apartment unit. To help you decide, here are the pros and cons of living in a penthouse apartment.

The Pros of Penthouse Apartment Living

Unobstructed, Panoramic Views

When you live on the top floor of an apartment building, you can be sure that the surrounding buildings in the city won’t obstruct your views. Aside from the large unit, the great view is what you pay for when you stay in a penthouse apartment. The city’s beautiful skyline and surrounding landscape stretch for miles from the top floor. This is something you can enjoy and showcase for your guests.

Spacious and Luxurious Indoors

Often, the penthouse unit is the largest among all the units in the apartment. It also has high ceilings, walls, and expansive glass windows. Because the penthouse is the top-most unit in the apartment, your unit at least covers the entire building floor. You have a wide floor plan you may customize based on your needs and preferences. Often, penthouse units are furnished with luxurious furniture pieces and fixtures, including a jacuzzi and chic chandelier. 

Outdoor Space

Aside from spacious indoor living spaces, living in a penthouse allows you to enjoy outdoor spaces that other unit tenants may not have access to. These outdoor spaces you enjoy privately may house specific amenities, including a viewing deck, swimming pool, and landscaped garden. With your outdoor space, you can set up an alfresco dining area and lounge on your terrace, perfect for entertaining guests.

Private and Peaceful Living Environment

Living without neighbors is another advantage of penthouse living. That is why it is perfect for high-profile individuals such as yourself, celebrities, politicians, businessmen, company executives, and more who deserve a luxurious life sans the noise of neighbors and the busy city. Penthouse apartment residents also often have access to exclusive amenities such as gym and swimming pools, and at times, they have private elevators that directly bring them to their unit. 

Status Symbol

Unlike the standard apartment units, penthouse apartments are limited, and it takes quite a hefty sum of money to be able to purchase or rent one. Because penthouse units are becoming more in demand, owning one also means owning a real estate property whose value is sure to appreciate.

The Downside of Living in a Penthouse Apartment

Limited Choices

Not all apartments have penthouse units, so there’s a limited quantity of penthouses you can rent or purchase in a city. If you are interested in living in one, you’ll need time to hunt for a property that suits your needs, tastes, and budget. Since most penthouse apartments are for sale, finding a rental one can also pose a challenge to property seekers.


As a luxurious home with more features and amenities than standard apartment units, it is more expensive to buy or rent a penthouse. The average rental fee of a penthouse unit is around PhP 120,000 to PhP 150,000 a month. Take note that this fee may not include utility fees and other expenses. In fact, the world’s most expensive penthouse retails for more than 300 million USD. Aside from this, it is also expensive to maintain and repair a bigger home.

Longer Elevator Rides

Even if you have your private elevator in the apartment, you will have to endure longer elevator rides since you live on topmost floor of the building. This might not be a big deal, but if you are busy, this can be a hassle. Moreover, there may be additional risks from elevator failures. In case of emergencies and elevators are not working, going up or down the staircase will be too tiring.

Mechanical, Noisy Neighbors

It is true that you won’t have neighbors when you live in a penthouse apartment. However, some buildings place their large, noisy equipment that operates around the clock on the roof of the building. These may include the elevator room, mechanical room, and air conditioning. If these happen to be on the top floor, you will hear them all the time, and it may not be a pleasant sound to listen to 24/7.

Harsh Weather Conditions

Extreme weather conditions can be a nuisance to those who live in a penthouse unit. Since you have unobstructed views, you would have to endure the scorching heat or heavy rains. Because of this, you must take precautionary measures, especially if your unit has plenty of glass windows.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware of the major advantages and disadvantages of living in a penthouse apartment, it is up to you to decide if living in this type of luxury unit is well suited for your needs and wants. 


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