Maximize Your Condo With These 9 Space-Saving Storage Solutions

As land prices continue to skyrocket with the ongoing residential demands within the metro, urban living has shifted to high-rise towers and affordable condominiums but with lesser provisions for the living quarters. The solution to minimal space and yet still have all the home essentials lies in getting modular furniture. This is perfect for those who constantly move around and change the interior layout. But for those wondering how to fit in pre-owned and favorite pieces of furniture which they can’t sell off, here’s how you can maximize every inch in your condo without compromising comfort and your preferred designs.

Convert any space underneath your bed, table or sofas as storage spaces

If you owned a bed from your previous apartment and would like to use it in your condo, chances are it came with the regular design. So what to do with the huge space underneath instead of letting it gather dust? You may try browsing the internet for furniture shops that customize cabinets and drawers and have one made for your bed. Or you can browse online furniture shops for underdrawers that match your bed’s dimension.

Use the inside part of your cabinet’s door as a rack

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Instead of buying a jewelry box for your accessories, you can buy an accessory organizer made of cloth or plastic which you can hang at the inside part of your cabinet’s door. Or you can attach smaller drawers for items that are a bit bulky and won’t fit in on your accessory organizer. You may also place old shower curtain hooks in your cabinet’s rod and use them to hang ties, necklaces, shoulder bags, and other accessories.

Take advantage of modular furniture pieces and hideaway storage

The benefits of having modular furniture in your condo include being able to customize and redesign the pieces to satisfy several needs inside your home and utilize them as decorative pieces at the same time. You may change them as often as you want depending on the availability of the space and where you intend to use the furniture. The flexibility of the designs will also allow you to be as creative as you can be without having to spend much on purchasing new pieces of furniture. Some designs are also stackable and foldable, allowing you to use the space for different functions.

Make good use of that white blank wall

Why not convert a plain white wall as a wall of art by hanging your hats, bags, or even your bicycle? You may arrange them artistically and add a couple of paintings to complement the look. You may also choose floating shelves instead of the regular cupboard style to avoid the bulk and maintain the minimalist look. This can be anywhere near your bed, the kitchen, the living room, or even at the terrace. Instead of storing your pans and pots inside the kitchen cabinets, you can also hang them on your kitchen’s wall by using a pegboard.

Install a roll-out under-sink drawer for your dish and utensil rack

Instead of buying a bulky dish rack for your plates and utensils, you may opt for the roll-out under-sink drawer and maximize every inch of space inside your cabinet. You can also place washed dishes directly on the rack as they usually come with a pan for excess water drippings.

Place a lightweight divider to delineate areas inside the room

Instead of using bulky shelves and cabinets as dividers, you may use one that is decorative and can be easily removed if there’s a need to have more space. Such is the case when you have visitors coming over and your living room needs to take some of your bedroom or kitchen space.

Go for sliding doors instead of the regular ones for your cabinets and shelves

If you have the option to have your cabinets and shelves pre-made, choose a design with sliding doors. Opening your cabinet’s door in full can also take space and will make it difficult for you to move around and transfer items. The space allowance for the sliding doors is only minimal compared to the space that will be used when you open regular swinging doors.

Attach a mirror at the outer part of your cabinet’s door or on your bedroom wall

Instead of buying a full-length mirror on a stand, have it pre-installed along with the cabinet or hang it on the wall. Just make sure it is securely attached to the wall or the cabinet to prevent it from breaking or falling off.

Keep your home clutter-free

By regularly disposing any unused items and retaining only those that you need will provide you with ample storage space. It’s also best to organize all of your items at home to project a wider space. As much as possible, keep all the smaller items in boxes, drawers or holders and take out only those that you use regularly.

Maximizing every inch of space in your condominium unit will enable you to live in comfort without compromising the style that you desire. If you’re vying to purchase another condominium unit in the future without the space constraints and nestled in a luxurious uphill community, Empire East Highland City by Empire East Land Holdings, Inc. will unveil 38 high-rise and elevated towers built on stilts and on higher grounds. The towers constitute the wide-scale, mixed-use development for the first-ever elevated city to rise in the Philippines located along Felix Avenue traversing the Pasig-Cainta areas. The distance between these condominium towers ranges up to 20 meters allowing enough airflow to circulate around the high-rise structures.

Empire East Highland City. Photo via Empire East

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