How to Get Better-Quality Leads, According to Real Estate Professionals

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Real estate professionals emphasize the importance of digital marketing in ensuring good-quality leads. For its part, Lamudi offers a special subscription package to Cebu-based property agents who want leads that convert.

Leads are the lifeblood of the real estate brokerage. However, smart agents also recognize that having a huge volume of inquiries isn’t enough. The quality matters, too. With better-quality leads, conversion is more likely. A closed deal is right around the corner.

To ensure better-quality leads, trusted real estate professionals in the country revealed their best practices, from using online tools to making their properties accessible to the global market.

Aim for a Wider, Targeted Audience

Veteran real estate professional Raffy Siapco saw significant growth in his brokerage company RS Property Manila when he decided to go digital in marketing efforts. From the traditional flyering, he used Lamudi to promote the properties in their portfolio.

He shared, “When I started in real estate, I used flyering. [Nagma-man] kami sa malls. I also tried tarpaulin. It takes a lot of time.” Siapco also said that it’s tiring, as agents would have to be physically present to catch leads. By promoting properties in an online real estate marketplace such as Lamudi, brokers can avoid the time-consuming, energy-draining manual labor. 

Moreover, the audience brokers attract in these platforms is more targeted, not random, such as that in traditional flyering. People who go to real estate listing platforms are the ones seriously considering a property purchase.

“Lamudi was very helpful to us. Without Lamudi, ‘di kami lumaki siguro. If we only relied on our personal sales, ‘di lalaki ang sales namin. We actually reached 200 percent,” Siapco said proudly.

Go Digital

In the same way, Evelyn Samaniego, an-award winning broker, saw improvement in the quality of leads she was receiving when she adopted online strategies. In particular, she received high-quality inquiries from abroad. Taking pride in their efforts, she said, “Our brand has gone international due to online marketing.”

The overseas market is a treasure trove of high-quality leads. Majority of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are highly motivated to look for property investments in the Philippines, putting their hard-earned money in stable assets to prepare for retirement.

Thus, more than having a targeted audience, expanding the client base and including the international market is crucial in boosting the number of better-quality leads. 

Streamline Lead Management

The benefit of switching to digital marketing for real estate goes beyond the wider, targeted reach. The built-in features in property portals allow brokers to receive better-quality leads. For instance, on Lamudi, the contact form property seekers need to fill out to reach out to brokers requires providing complete information. With the name, phone number, and email address provided, brokers will find it easy to follow up and screen leads in the process.

For active Lamudi subscribers, evaluating leads is even more convenient with the lead management tool. The customer relationship management platform allows brokers to create profiles of customers, classify leads into hot, cold, or dead, and keep track of client communications. This streamlines the entire lead quality assessment process.

Post High-quality Photos and Videos

Posting property listings on credible websites and showcasing photos and videos also contribute to better-quality leads. This is what Cebu-based real estate professional Amanda Aworuwa, realized after using Lamudi for her office leasing company

“When it comes to the properties on [Lamudi], it’s quality. The kind of pictures that other companies put on there are also very good. It attracts foreign clients because of how they’re presented,” the founder and corporate president of said.

According to Aworuwa, they receive a significant amount of high-quality leads from their Lamudi listings. “Maybe out of 50 leads, 35 would proceed,” she noted.

To help Cebu-based professionals in generating better-quality leads from property seekers, Lamudi has launched a special subscription package, exclusively for those operating in the Visayan province. 

Real estate professionals who will avail of the deal are able to widen their reach, connect with desired clients, and take advantage of the platform’s features. Developers, agents, and property owners are all encouraged to maximize the special deal.

The province of Cebu has consistently been a property hotspot, as shown in previous trend reports published by Lamudi. With real estate professionals increasing the visibility of properties in the area, they can better capture the interest of potential buyers located not just locally in Cebu, but in other parts of the country and overseas as well.

To know more about Lamudi’s special subscription package, register through this page. The offer is for a limited time only.

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