What’s in Belle Mariano’s Closet? 4 Tips for Wardrobe Organization

Last Updated on January 27, 2023 by Lamudi

In her latest YouTube vlog, Belle Mariano couldn’t hide her love for classic clothing. At the same time, these are the items she keeps inside her closet.

Belle revealed how helpful neutral pieces are when completing her day-to-day outfits. The Gen Z fashion icon is known for her gorgeous all-white OOTDs, serving looks from casual chic to timeless elegance.

According to Belle, here are the closet essentials for a fashionable look: 

  • White tank top – This goes well with everything—denim jeans, white rubber shoes, and sandals. It can also be paired with oversized outerwear like a jacket or coat. 
  • White t-shirt – With this item, it’s easy to match colors and mix textures. By using a limited color palette, you can play with different textures. 
  • White button-down polo – This can be worn just about anywhere (on the beach or at a formal event), depending on the items you will pair with it.
  • Neutral coat – Shades of black, gray, and beige go well with a white top. This is one of Belle’s favorite pieces for layering.
  • Beige trousers – These can be worn with any white or black top. Pair off with heels to complete an elegant, more formal attire.
  • Denim pants – A must-have for days when you want to pull off a rugged look. Wear this with a black or white top and white shoes for a casual yet classic look.

Besides getting these closet staples, having them well organized at home can make your wardrobe experience a pleasure. Closet organization saves you time by providing quick access to the right clothes for a particular occasion.

By following these organizing tips, you should never feel like you have nothing to wear again: 

Purge First, Buy Later 

Start with a blank slate by pulling everything out. But before opening your closet doors, prepare piles labeled: Keep, Donate, Sell, and Toss. Have a friend come to your house to help you objectively decide which clothing items to keep. 

When organizing, you might be tempted to buy matching hangers, new bins, or additional racks. Save these purchases for later—when you know exactly what clothing items you need. 

Sort, Divide, and Create Zones

Go through your remaining clothes and determine which ones to store in the drawers or hang in the closet. Socks, underwear, pajamas, and t-shirts can be placed inside the drawers. Meanwhile, bulkier items are better off on hangers since they might take up more space when folded. Your best garments, too, should be hung to keep them in their best shape.

Another tip is to organize your dresser to fit your daily routine or habits. If you’re trying to be consistent with morning runs, roll up sets of running shorts and tops together, so they’re easier to grab when you need them. If you report to the office daily, you can organize a week’s worth of outfits before Monday rolls around. This lets you pre-check garments and “dress-and-dash” during busy mornings. 

Keep Your Footwear Neat 

Inside your closet, below the hanging rail, you can add a shoe rack to organize your footwear. You can place what you regularly use here—not more than three pairs to avoid a cluttered look

If you have the “too many shoes, too little space” situation, consider adding wall storage. On online marketplaces, look for shoe hangers that don’t require a drill to be installed on an empty wall space or the side of a closet. 

Learn File Folding 

File folding is a method of folding clothes into small rectangles and placing them in the drawer vertically—just like files in a filing cabinet. Unlike the traditional stacked method, file folding takes up less space and allows you to see every item in your drawer.

Of course, only some clothing items are suitable for file folding. This method is perfect for your drawer of t-shirts since their uniform size makes them easier to stack vertically. File folding can also work for sweatshirts, pants, skirts, and dress shirts. 

With a well-organized closet, you can make getting dressed easier every single day. Fill it in with classic fashion pieces to level up your style.

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