Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano Resettle: Where to Live While Building a Home?

As with everything in life, building your dream home takes time. So, what do you do while waiting for this milestone to be achieved?

Celebrity couple Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano recently moved to a new rental home…again. In their YouTube vlog, they gave a tour of their newest place and revealed their favorite spots. The soon-to-be parents, who moved to their first rental home last year, explained the reason for their latest move.

Jessy and Luis shared that the building process for their dream house is taking longer than expected. Additionally, Jessy noted that their new rental home is safer for her as she goes through pregnancy.

Having a home built just for you and your family is indeed a thrilling experience. But while waiting to move in, there’s no need to put life on pause. Circumstances change, and new blessings arrive. So depending on your current situation, here’s where to live while waiting for your dream home: 

Stay Put 

The easiest option is to stay where you are. But again, this will depend on your personal or financial situation. If your current home still supports your daily needs, staying there will help you feel more at ease about the whole waiting game. This option also saves time and energy as you don’t need to move to a new place multiple times. 

For Jessy and Luis, the meaning of home changed as they looked forward to having their first child. In their house tour, the couple showed their outdoor area, consisting of a relaxing garden, a mini gym, and a 4-feet pool. 

Inside their new home, the ceilings are much lower, the stairs are easier to climb, and the baby room is under construction on the second floor.

Condo for Rent 

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If you’re planning to downsize before moving into your newly built home, renting a condo unit is worth considering. Condo demand is increasing right now and for good reasons. Vertical is the smart way to build, plus condo buildings are in desirable, accessible locations. 

For those who are living solo, you can also explore condo-sharing options. There are numerous choices when searching for a condo for rent; even starting families can find one that offers a level of comfort that suit their needs.

House for Rent 

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An elegant but simple home is something you can come across when searching for a house for rent. With this kind of property, you have the flexibility to downsize or upgrade, depending on the course that your life will take.

You may be permitted to personalize the interior of your rental home and bring your prized possessions with you. In the case of Jessy and Luis, they brought with them several art pieces, digital devices, and a gorgeous dining table, among others. 

When finding a new house to rent, choose one with naturally good energy. Jessy and Luis love their new home because it’s well-lit and has peaceful surroundings. Fresh air and sunlight help bring positive energy. The same can be said when incorporating plants or flowers into the interior design, which Jessy heartily do so in their new rental home.

Stay with a Relative

Meanwhile, living with family is suitable for those who want to save money while waiting for their dream home. When you go down this route, make it a goal to be a good house guest. Chip in for groceries and utilities, help with household chores, or even pay rent for your room.

An alternative would be to live temporarily with a friend whose space is large enough to accommodate you and your personal belongings. The same rule applies. Be on your best behavior to maintain a good relationship.

Jessy and Luis’ recent move proves how evolving needs play a key role in finding an ideal space. And by following the tips above, you can continue living comfortably even before settling into your dream home.

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