Why create meaningful relationships with clients?

Clients keep coming back to do business for certain reasons. The most important is that they have developed meaningful relationship with their broker.

Lamudi Housing Fair Glorietta July 2019
Lamudi Housing Fair held last July 20-21, 2019 at the Activity Center of Glorietta 3, Makati City.

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“The customer is the lifeblood of the business.” – Henry Ford

With the increasing number of business, companies tend to forget the importance of building a good connection to customers. They tend to look for customers from time to time, without knowing to value clients.

Customers create business profitability. How can you turn your customers to become your clients? How would you create a meaningful relationship with your clients?

Your clients are your regular customers.

When you acquire customers, the objective is to woo them for you to be able to build a good relationship. You should empower the front-liners of business because each customer that they will deal with can turn as your regular client. They will definitely come back once their experience is of great quality service.

As Shep Hyken says, “The key is when a customer walks away, thinking Wow, I love doing business with them and I want to tell others about the experience.

Your clients are the cherries on top of the game.

Your business needs money, as your cake need cherries on top. More than the saying that customers are always right, your business exists because of your clients. Valuing each client will make a difference in the long run. You must have the habit of interacting with your last client of the day as much enthusiasm as you have treated your first client. You should empower yourself the spirit to educate more than to close the deal.

If you make them feel being cared of then they’ll care about you too.

Aside from the vision and mission of your business, you should identify the values to show your clients. Through these set values, you and your team will able to align duties to it. As you care with them, they will feel it and will do the same. The key philosophy to remember is that you should make your clients feel important to form a meaningful relationship.

Based on the study, 25%-40% satisfied customers don’t come back because of the increasing rate of business competitions; they don’t just want to be satisfied but to be delighted. You should genuinely serve your clients every now and then.

Know the importance of customer service skills on every touchpoint of communication channels to your clients.

Excellent customer service leads in building and creating a strong relationship with your clients. Your business should incorporate customer service skills in all points of communication channels to clients, from phone to email to face-to-face interaction. The use of words, gestures, and the tone of your voice when you speak and write have an effect on how clients will perceive it. Any of which done wrong will lead in loosing your clients. Always keep an eye to customer service because it will reflect on your business’ image.

Effective communication is the key to your client’s heart.

Talk to your clients with honesty. Speak from the heart. Your goal is to know them so they could trust you. After which, you will have a good connection and it would be easier to do business again with them. You should win your client’s heart to recognize you within your group of business. You should gain your customer’s confidence in your business. And the only way to your client’s heart is through effective communication.

Be your own brand ambassador.

Believe in your business.  Wear your business’ cap. Be the leader of what you do, be your own brand ambassador. Initially, your first clients are your family and relatives. In business, it’s not always about money but to maintain and sustain a relationship to further promote branding and loyalty. You do business, you wear it.

Creating a meaningful relationship with your clients goes beyond great customer experience.  You clients are an important part of your business. Take time to know them as they play a major role in your business. Definitely, your meaningful relationship with clients is the key to success.

A good starting point for you is Lamudi’s Housing Fair. After the successful stints in Manila held at Trinoma and Glorietta, the Lamudi Housing Fair will travel to Cebu this coming September 21-22, 2019, during which, you can have access to many opportunities to apply the above tips and expand your client base. Contact Lamudi Philippines for more information on the Cebu Housing Fair.


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