Wellness and Real Estate: Hand in Hand in Revolutionizing the Workplace

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Businesses and leading developers nowadays are exploring means to transform their physical structures into developments that promote wellness after recognizing the relationship between productivity and the well-being of the workforce. 

The wellness real estate industry involves the incorporation of various elements of wellness such as sustainability and green developments into the amenities, materials, and overall design of the building. 

According to the 2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor, wellness real estate grew 6.4% on average annually from 2015 to 2017. This improvement that focuses on well-being and work-life balance is good news for employees who spend most of their waking hours at work. The concept of sustainability and green developments are already changing the real estate industry through wellness amenities. 

Let’s look at some of them:

Transportation Concierge

Commuting has always been the way of life of many Filipinos. As such, there are high chances that most of the employees, especially in major cities, use public transportation to get to work.  Transportation concierge set up at work is a relief to the top burden of Filipino commuters. 

Fitness Club

On-site gyms are great. However, it needs to be more than just a dull four-walled room featuring a rack of weights and one or two cardio machines. Modern sustainable developments may come with a full-service gym that includes a spa, lap pool, hot tub, and even a sauna. Some even offer fitness classes including yoga.

Bike Facility

Properties that do not have enough space for a fitness center are still able to promote physical activities through a bike facility. Some facilities come with a designated parking area for bicycles that are well-guarded or well-attended. To encourage employees to consider biking to work, some developments also have a shower set up.

Floor-to-ceiling Windows

Adding floor-to-ceiling windows is an essential aspect of making employees feel closer to nature by providing them with natural light.  The health benefits brought by natural lighting in workspaces cannot be undermined, especially in reducing sick leaves. A study by Human Spaces also found that natural lightning boosts the well-being of the workforce by 15% and productivity by 6%.

Parent-friendly Facilities

Providing new mothers with a private lactation room has been part of the Philippine constitution since 2009, recognizing the importance of breastfeeding as a “normal, natural and preferred method of feeding infants and young children,” as stated in Republic Act No. 10028. In accordance with the Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2009, workplaces are now complete with lactation stations with pumping and sanitization equipment, as well as refrigerators to store milk. 

An on-site childcare facility is also beneficial for working parents looking for a convenient place to drop off their kids that are too young for school.

A Wellness Rooftop

More properties take advantage of the sweeping views and open-air that a rooftop offers. Some make their rooftop stand out by turning it into a swimming pool, a bar, a lounge, or even a tennis or basketball court. There’s so much that can be done to provide employees a much-needed breakout space to unwind.

Common Spaces

A common space for employees to spend time off the clock or enjoy a meal together creates a sense of community.  Some properties spice it up by transforming them into courtyards with fountains, picnic tables and casual games like billiards or table tennis. Others display artworks to add pops of color to the wall.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens or more commonly known as ‘living walls’  can benefit both the property and the employees’ health. Experts note that plants can filter almost 90% of airborne toxins, resulting in cleaner air.  At the same time, greener workspaces improve insulation and help property owners save on energy costs.

Companies nowadays take wellness at work as an essential subject for discussion. This isn’t surprising considering the benefits that go with creating the appropriate office space to boost productivity, improve employee morale, and retain talent. The real estate sector is in an advantageous position to push this trend forward. 

The focus of achieving wellness real estate is gaining momentum. In today’s modern world, it involves more than just providing employees with quirky and comfortable breakout spaces or a daily supply of fresh fruit. The workplace itself can be the driving force of a happy workforce.   

The Lamudi Real Estate Conference 2019

With a focus on sustainability and wellbeing, developers are now pushing for better work-life balance as a real estate trend. To stay updated on green developments and other technological innovations in the real estate industry, Lamudi hosts The Outlook Conference 2019, to be held at the Makati Shangri-La on October 17, 2019. 

Join real estate firms in discussing the future of real estate with a focus on the following topics: 

  • Paradigm Shifts: The Future of Sharing Economy;
  • Taking Sustainable Action: Addressing Climate Change Through Real Estate;
  • Smart Planning: Creating Value in New Markets;
  • New-Age Customer Experience: Transforming Real Estate Marketing in the Age of Disruption.
  • Sustainability

Interested participants can book their tickets for the event through 0917-545-0801 or send an email to theoutlook@lamudi.com.ph.

For more information, visit lamudi.com.ph/outlook2019-conference

The Outlook Awards 2019: The Philippine Buyers’ Choice Property Awards

Property developers are now building smart, innovative and sustainable buildings as a response to the changing trends in real estate. At the annual Lamudi Awards 2019, now in its third year, real estate magnates and boutique developers have a platform for recognition. The Outlook Awards 2019 will gather property developers for a night of celebration at the Makati Shangri-La on November 14, 2019. 

View the shortlist of nominees here

For more information on The Outlook Awards, visit lamudi.com.ph/outlook2019


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