5 Reasons Why Co-living Is Better Than Commuting

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Commuting can be exhausting especially in the Metro Manila traffic. If you’re part of the commuting workforce who’s tired of the long travel time, then maybe it’s time to try co-living.

What is co-living exactly? Co-living is the modern way of living in shared spaces, offering convenience, comfort and a collaborative community designed for the young professionals of today. Much like the evolution of coworking spaces in the metro, co-living has recently paved its way in the real estate industry, addressing a significant dilemma burdening thousands of young professionals in their daily commute.


Living near your workplace is the ultimate dream for any young professional. That means less time for commute and more time for leisure and relaxation even under the rainy season. Raining after shift? Get your coat on and your umbrella and walk home! No need to worry about being stranded.

Work-life Balance

Co-living allows you to get the work-life balance you deserve, allowing you to stay on track with your physical, mental and emotional health. Having nights out with friends is no longer a myth. Working out on a weekday can now be possible. Running on eight hours of sleep can be done on an everyday basis. Imagine the time you used to spend on traffic can now be reserved for productivity and your overall wellness.

Co-living Community

One of the best parts of living in a co-living space is the community. If you’re used to having roommates whose names you don’t even know then that’s gonna change. MyTown, one of the oldest co-living brands that serve BGC and Makati, keeps their community tightly knit and collaborative with their monthly events, classes and workshops. Tenants get to learn and bond over social activities simultaneously.


Co-living has changed the game by remodifying traditional ways of living. Today, tenants can access communal areas and their units with one tap using their access cards. Saves you the trouble from lock picking your door when you forget or misplace your keys! Also, laundry services, wet markets, food options and other commercial businesses are nearby for your convenience.

Amenities for Wellness

Co-living spaces come with amenities that help you stay healthy physically, emotionally and mentally. Expensive gym memberships? MyTown has a boxing gym and a full set gym so all you need to do is to take your pick. Can’t go out to see the movies? MyTown also has its own mini movie theater. They also have a rooftop pool with a skyline view of the city, KTV room, game room and coworking spaces all to help you destress and have fun. At the end of the day, your happiness matters most.

Main Photo via MyTown


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