What Drives Mixed-Use Development in Urban Cities?

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The rise of mixed-use development is one of the important trends in the Philippine real estate industry. Developers are placing more focus on building such properties, as demand for residential, office, and commercial spaces integrated into one location continues to grow.

Social trends that drive mixed-use development in urban cities are present in the central business districts of Ortigas, Makati, and Bonifacio Global City.

Integrating the Best of Both Worlds 

With various factors such as the crawling traffic and the inefficiency of public transportation, many employees are looking to live near their office. This creates a greater need for commercial establishments in these areas.

The result is integrated living that brings the home closer to places of work and recreation, for more time for yourself and your loved ones. City dwellers expect more than just a place to sleep. With amenities such as an outdoor pool, deck and garden, the experience of living in the heart of the city is taken to the next level.

Mixing Work and Play

Active individuals want to maximize their use of time for work and play. They want to maintain thriving social lives and demanding schedules make them turn to areas for socialization within their living and working areas. They prefer to unwind and have fun in nearby places, now made possible by the presence of 24-hour cities.

Central business districts bustling with day and night time corporate employees, is also a hub for foodies needing their late-night snacks. Restaurants, bars, and other places for socialization open until late at night to cater to the crowd that almost never sleeps. 

Supporting the Needs of 24-Hour Cities

The propagation of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, among other sectors that require employees to come in beyond the traditional day shift, created the need for 24-hour cities. 

BPO hubs are where you will find 24-hour commercial establishments that cater to their employees who are heading in and out of their residential properties in unusual hours. It’s almost expected to see 24-hour establishments near one another, creating their own community of establishments that address the needs of the BPO industry. There is no craving for buffalo wings, shawarma, pizza, barbecue, and various other comfort foods left unfulfilled for Ortigas dwellers and employees no matter their work schedule. 

Promoting Holistic Wellness

Society has started prioritizing holistic wellness, with potential homeowners looking for features of properties that will improve the state of their mind and body. Holistic wellness is one of the social trends that drive mixed-use development in urban cities because it is much easier to achieve when all the person’s needs are within reach.  

A person’s residence plays an integral part in their lifestyle. With mixed-use developments, employees with a sedentary office setup for most of their working hours can end their day with activities that keep them active and healthy. An outdoor pool is not just an area for socializing or reading; it can also be the perfect spot for an hour of workout each day, culminating in a relaxing time at a nearby park to wind down for the night.  

Empress at Capitol Commons: Building a Global Urban Community

A residential tower, Empress at Capitol Commons, is set to rise within the mixed-use development of Capitol Commons. 

Capitol Commons is a 10-hectare mixed-use community located at the corner of Shaw Boulevard and Meralco Avenue. Empress will be part of the exclusive Capitol Commons residential block, which provides residents with easy access to all their needs. From gyms to parks, underground transit lines, major retail malls, educational institutions, hospitals and notable companies, Capitol Commons has got everything covered for its residents to live the integrated lifestyle others can only dream of. 

With a focus on providing holistic wellness, Empress at Capitol Commons will come equipped with features that improve the well-being of its residents. The carefully and strategically planned community puts emphasis on a way of life that leaves a person active and fulfilled. 

Strategic Use of Color Therapy 

Ortigas & Co. believes in the effects of color therapy, which claims that colors influence the emotions and physical health of individuals. The careful selection of colors in the property’s common spaces will create the necessary mood or ambiance, depending on the area’s function.

For example, blue calms breathing and the heart rate, making the pool area a prime spot to de-stress at night. Knowing that green calms the nervous system, Empress uses biophilic design elements and open spaces to keep residents in touch with nature. 

Hints of yellow are seen in the spaces that blend indoor and outdoor living, as well as on accents to provide a sense of security. Red, which is used in Empress’ very own logo, brings warmth, energy, and stimulation. 

A Spotlight on Balanced Living

Empress promotes a peaceful atmosphere and balanced life, in accordance with the traditions of feng shui.

Feng shui believes that everything, including the spaces that we live in, is alive. Qi, the life energy that animates people, also flows through the home.

Designed for comfort, mindfulness and spirituality, Empress comes with carefully planned Active and Quiet Zones for residents to achieve a balanced lifestyle. Active Zones include a 25-m lap pool, a kiddie pool, and cabanas and lounge areas for socializing. Quiet Zones, on the other hand, allow residents to unwind in the garden or wellness lawn.

The Natural Wonders of Biophilic Design

The Empress will also use biophilic design, which utilizes plants for a natural and human-centered approach that benefits the health and well-being of people.

Biophilic design seeks to lower stress, boost cognitive function, and improve mood and creativity. Residents will be able to enjoy these benefits within the confines of the community.

Smart and Worry-free Living 

Homes at the Empress will come equipped with a Smart Living Program that allows homeowners to control their smart home anytime, anywhere through a device that is always with them: their smartphone. Ortigas & Co. partnered with hiLife, a leading Smart Living company providing Smart Residential Solutions in Asia Pacific. Their vision of creating Smart Homes and Smart Communities through technology is realized with the Home Gateway that links the smart home system to the cloud. 

Empress boasts of IR Smart Aircons that manage and monitor air conditioning temperatures for a comfortable and restful stay indoors, and a Smart Light Switch that controls the lights in the room with the click of a button. Residents also enjoy keyless entry into their homes with the Smart Door. The Contact Sensor for Motion and the Smoke Detector give homeowners peace of mind knowing they will be alerted if something is amiss at home. 

Sustainable Living Made Accessible 

Compliance with the BERDE certification requirements of the Philippine Green Building Council sets Empress apart as a project that will perform above and beyond the country’s environmental laws and regulations.

Sustainable living is now an essential for city dwellers. In line with this, Empress will create open spaces, avoid using paint with harmful chemicals, construct a materials recovery facility, and build a rainwater collection tank, among other initiatives. As a smart home, the amenities Empress provides make living future-ready with a cloud-connected Home Gateway that integrates the smoke detector, smart light switch, contact and temperature sensors, smart air-con, and smart plug into one central control hub. 

Mindfulness in Design

Living is not meaningful without the perks that make it worthwhile. At Empress, there is an emphasis on mindful design to provide not just the basic necessities, but to also provide them in a way that makes living exciting and convenient. From integrated microwave cabinets and lavatory with vanity cabinets to built-in cabinets with lights and USB ports in all bedrooms, units in the project will have all the comforts of home without ruining its carefully planned design. 

Ortigas: The Rising Star in Mixed-Use Development

The Ortigas central business district is a rising star in the mixed-use development sector of Philippine real estate, supported by Ortigas & Co.’s projects.

In addition to Capitol Commons, they are  also working on Ortigas East, a 16-hectare project at the corner of Ortigas Avenue and C-5 that is also home to the Tiendesitas shopping complex. Ortigas & Co. also recently opened The Galleon, a two-tower, mixed-use development with office, residential, and retail spaces at the heart of the Ortigas central business district.

Ortigas & Co. takes inspiration from social trends that drive mixed-use development in urban cities, resulting in the planning of communities that allow residents to live in a sanctuary in the middle of the Ortigas central business district.


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