5 Ways a Broker can Win Online Clients Through Emotions

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Licensed real estate broker needs to learn how to tug on home buyers’ heartstrings through an emotional connection to encourage them to loosen their purse strings. Here’s how.

Did you know that emotions drive over 50% of all purchasing decisions? Studies have shown that creating strong emotions can build a connection between you and your clients, which should be a goal of every real estate agent. Positive emotions are essential to a good home buying experience as it will push a loyal buyer to recommend you to others. 

For several years now, emotions have been at the heart of marketing and advertising. Ads that make us giggle or tug on our heartstrings are usually the most unforgettable. While the approach has changed a bit with the advent of the internet, the intent remains the same. You need to gain your clients’ trust and be someone relatable enough to buy from. 

There are many ways to use emotions to build a bond with your clients. In the era of digitalization, one of the most effective means is to maximize the power of social media. Social media is where individuals go to connect with family and friends online. The best licensed real estate broker knows their career depends on their ability to capitalize on their competitive advantage and reach more clients they may not have met otherwise.

Below are a few tips for using social media to bolster a broker’s real estate career:

  1. Upload something about your listings’ neighborhood.

Presenting your listings’ neighborhood does not only promote the area where you are selling properties to your prospects. It also displays your knowledge and passion.

Post something about services, shops, and amenities available in your community. You may, for instance, upload something about a new recreation center. Provide details about its features and how it will improve the lifestyle of existing and new residents.  

Brokers may also post local news that talks about how great your neighborhood is. Don’t forget to include images as they are one of the most appealing types of content for property seekers.  Remember that the more comments, shares and likes your posts get, the more people will get to see them.

Lastly, posting about local events is an effective way to display the culture of the city or town. Post about an event in the neighborhood you are attending, and invite your fans to join you. To spark engagement and more comments, you may ask questions in a friendly tone.

2. Post something about your lifestyle.

Show your clients who you are. If you like playing basketball, post about basketball leagues and where to play the ball game in your listing’s locale. If you love eating, post some chic restaurants in the neighborhood. You may also create a short video to introduce yourself and embed this onto your website.

3. Post about charity events.

Brokers have several ways to build a connection with clients, but for a more meaningful connection, find common ground. Your charitable nature will add to your trustworthiness if you let your clients know where you spend your time and money. Present yourself as someone trustworthy, connected, and who cares about your community. You may do so by posting content about local charity events you support. 

4. Boost engagement with contests. 

Have fun with your followers by providing incredible ways to create more engagement. Using contests can help build deeper relationships with your existing and prospective buyers and present yourself as a licensed real estate broker who listens. You also get the chance to know their likes and dislikes. Some examples of good contests to boost engagement are:

  • A video contest asking participants to make a short video about what they like most about your current listings
  • Sweepstakes or raffles for viewing your Open House
  • An essay contest requesting a description of their great moving experience
  • A photo contest offering free dinner at a restaurant in your listing’s neighborhood
  • A voting contest where followers vote for their favorite images of your new listings

5. Show genuine care for clients.

You’re probably already showing your care about your clients in person, but you can also do it on social media. You may post visually appealing images or videos on how you gracefully welcomed new homeowners during the turnover day. Be careful to do it subtly by not mentioning their names and other personal information. The clients know who they are anyway. Posts of this kind will also show your target market that you follow up and sincerely care.

There are many creative ways to get through the emotions of your prospective clients and present yourself as a trustworthy licensed real estate broker. Staying connected to your clients online is just one of the ways to help your career move forward.


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