Green Light: 4 Ways Plant Parenting Prepares You for the New Normal

Since the implementation of quarantine measures, plants have become all the rage. They’re everywhere, from your favorite mom influencer’s vlogs to pop-up roadside stores. Almost everyone has joined the movement of cultivating a green thumb. 

For the most part, people have turned to gardening to beautify their homes. Staying indoors all day, they’ve grown more conscious about the look of their spaces, eventually making the move to freshen up the interiors with greenery’s pops of color and textures.

Plant parenting does more than just brightening homes. If you think about it, it helps a lot in easing into the new normal. Here are a few ways:

It Boosts Mood

A lot of changes have happened in the past months, and it’s likely that there will be more moving forward. You can welcome these major life transitions with a positive attitude, especially when you’re in the company of greens. According to science, plants and gardening are good mood-boosters, uplifting the spirit and offering a pleasant atmosphere at home. 

Some experts also believe that simply seeing greenery can ease stress. It’s no wonder many Filipinos have been more drawn to modern tropical homes. Filled with green (or green-inspired) surroundings, these houses are indeed a stress-relieving sight. 

One notable neighborhood in the metro known for having modern tropical homes is M Residences by VCDC (Victor Consunji Development Corporation). Aside from the greenery, the properties here have strong monochrome exterior palettes, clean, straight lines, and wooden, rustic touches, making it truly a relaxing home perfect for living in the new normal.

It Promotes Healthy Eating

When you’re growing vegetables and fruits, you’re more likely to eat healthy. And if you’re gardening with kids, it will take less convincing to get them to eat what they themselves planted. Tomatoes, okra, and green onions are the most popular veggies grown indoors. For those who have a large backyard, lemon and eggplant are among the top favorites.

A vegetable garden that’s right inside your kitchen or backyard is important in the era of the new normal when you want to stay comfortable at home rather than take a trip to the grocery. At the same time, nutritious meals are a must-have to improve immunity during these times. If you decide to move to VCDC’s M Residences, you can expect plenty of space for your indoor or outdoor garden. 

The total living area can extend up to 370 square meters. The properties boast of open-plan layouts, in which you can easily showcase your kitchen’s living walls or vertical gardens. On top of that, you can have spaces customized to support your plant parenting hobby, as well as efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle.

It Boosts Confidence

When you see your plants growing, it doesn’t just feel good — you feel a sense of pride over such an accomplishment. These small victories amid a crisis are important. They inspire confidence in accomplishing goals you’ve set this year, which probably have been put on a halt because of the pandemic.

For instance, if you’re taking on a big life milestone, such as moving to a new home before the year ends, you’ll need confidence to get through the long process and come out of it fulfilled.

If you’re considering M Residences, call in Acasa Manila by Maggie Wilson-Consunji to design your home. You can count on green, plant-parent-friendly interiors from this team, which will further boost your confidence when taking on this life-changing move amid the new normal.

It Promotes Family Bonding

The best thing about the hobby of growing plants is that it’s something that can be shared with others. In fact, it’s more worthwhile to do it with family members because it encourages a fun, meaningful interaction. You can decide together what to plant, where to put them in the house, and how you should cook them. For the kids, you’re able to teach them the value of responsibility in the form of taking care of the plants.

In all of this, you get to know your loved ones in a new light. Having a strong, bonded family is crucial in this new normal as a reminder of emotional support. Living in M Residences, where properties are designed to encourage interaction among family members, you’ll discover more about each other and make everybody feel loved and heard.

Being a plant parent is a holistic response to the pandemic, and it’s one worthwhile hobby to have. Surround yourself with greens for better health and improved mood. 

Consider the modern tropical homes at M Residences.


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