Give a Lift: Top 6 Concerns of Elevator and Escalator Passengers

More than the aesthetics and amenities of your building, occupants pay attention to the “in-betweens.” Elevators, escalators, and other mobility solutions matter to them. Think about it, most of the calls you’d normally get from tenants, whether residents or businesses, are often about when the lift will be operational or how frequently the escalators are cleaned. 

Whether you’re in the phase of building construction or management, it’s important to consider the common concerns of occupants to give them the best service possible. Here are some of the things you would want to pay attention to:


KONE, the global leader in people flow solutions, conducted a survey through Lamudi’s roundtable event held in September and found that 33.5 percent of building occupants identified maintenance as a major recurring problem when riding an elevator or escalator.

With one vehicle getting upkeep, all the rest gets crowded. Suddenly, you have long lines of people during rush hour in your condo or office building. It’s double trouble when your elevators or escalators keep acting up even after servicing.

Thankfully, there are innovative technologies available today to avoid the recurring problem of maintenance. KONE, for one, has developed a system called 24/7 Connected Services, which uses predictive analytics to prevent equipment breakage. 

The system detects critical faults and alerts your tech team to address problems early on. With this, you can ensure fewer defects and faster repairs. Ultimately, there’s less inconvenience for building occupants.


The next big thing people are concerned about when using elevators and escalators is cleanliness. According to KONE’s survey, 31.4 percent of building occupants see sanitation as an issue happening time and again. 

Given the health crisis today, more have been conscious about this aspect, especially with the news circulating that buttons and side rails, surfaces that are often touched, can become hotbeds for coronavirus. KONE’s Handrail Sanitizer, an escalator handrail cleaning solution, uses a type of ultraviolet light, which keeps disinfecting the surface when the transportation vehicle is in use. In addition, they have a technology called Elevator Call, which helps passengers “call” the elevator through their mobile device. There’s no need to touch buttons anymore. It’s sanitation made simple and easy. 

Capacity and Speed

At best, it’s embarrassing to hear the passenger limit alarm when you squeeze into the elevator car. At worst, it’s inconvenient and frustrating when you’re hurrying to your condo unit or office. KONE reports that 20.7 percent of building occupants encounter capacity problems in elevators.

When you’re not having trouble with capacity, it’s the speed that’s the recurring issue. Around 14.5 percent claimed they encounter this issue on a regular basis in their offices or condos. The truth is, an elevator with a small capacity or slow speed is a result of poor planning and design.

The good thing about KONE is that they have plenty of options for advanced people flow solutions, which can accommodate the usual volume of people going in and out of your property. What’s more, the company can help you pick the right one to match the unique needs of your building. Part of their procedures is conducting a basic traffic analysis to determine the exact elevator capacity or speed. With their technical know-how, you can count on their people flow planning and consulting services.


Next to sanitation, people’s top concern when riding elevators and escalators is the space. About 27.5 percent of KONE’s survey participants pointed out that this is an aspect they’re most worried about. This may be in part due to the current social distancing guidelines. The tight room inside the elevator car can be bothersome, especially considering the health risks involved.

If you want to make your building a healthier space for occupants, choose among the wide range of elevator products from KONE. As mentioned, they have solutions for different kinds of buildings, tailored to accommodate unique occupants’ needs.

Air Quality

Around 8.3 percent of building occupants are concerned about the cleanliness of the air they breathe inside the space based on KONE’s survey. Air quality became a greater concern for many building occupants when the pandemic hit. Respiratory droplets that may contain coronavirus can linger in the air for minutes.

Among KONE’s elevator solutions is the air purifier that uses Photocatalytic Oxidation technology. Developed by NASA, this eliminates contaminants from spacecraft cabins. In elevators, this can make the air clean and fresh, giving building occupants peace of mind.

The “in-betweens” in your buildings matter to occupants. Don’t let them be an afterthought in your construction or management operations. Instead, give people the peace of mind they deserve. Make your building safe and healthy with KONE’s technologies.


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