These Valentine Gifts Will be the Perfect Addition to Your Home

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It’s not just your significant other looking for some love this Valentine’s Day. Your home could use a little bit of tender loving care as well. Your bedsheets, for one, may have been looking forlorn, with crumples and stains. Or, your bathroom may have lost the relaxing allure you once loved. Valentine’s is the perfect season to indulge your home with gifts — and more importantly, make it a space conducive for your blossoming relationship.

With that, try these Valentine’s gifts perfect for your home:

In the Living Room

  • Geometric rugs: This will make a major difference in terms of visual interest in the space. Its prints will make for a nice, new focal point. Opt for a light-colored rug to brighten the room if you have dark wood floors. For the extra warm, romantic vibe, go for heart-shaped faux fur rugs. Even Solenn added a fun rug for her daughter’s room–perfect when you need inspiration for your own baby’s nursery. 
  • Thick coffee tables: Oversized books give off a vibe of luxury. At the same time, they fill up empty, boring spaces in the room. There’s a lot of options for these decor pieces: recipe books, hardback photography albums, or fashion design guides. Pair these coffee tables with fresh flowers and voila, you have a very romantic set-up.
  • Plants: Shades of green in the living room can instantly make the space refreshing and relaxing. Tall plants can, in fact, be reminiscent of your tropical honeymoon. So add these to your room. Guaranteed, whatever your room’s color scheme or theme is, plants would tie seamlessly into the design. 

In the Bedroom

  • New headboard: This is one of the things you readily see in the room, so it makes sense to give this some tender loving care. An upholstered headboard can give the room a soft touch, making it perfect for the love season. 
  • Wall art: Give your walls some visual interest by framing pictures of your travels with your significant other or perhaps, memorable quotes from your wedding vows. Try different sizes of frames to make this area more eye-catching.
  • Motorized blinds: Window treatments are stylish additions to design. In fact, they can even be a focal point in the room. Go for motorized blinds. Not only are they visually pleasing, but you’ll be able to open windows and see your garden instantly without leaving your bed (and your significant other). Perfect, right?

In the Bathroom

  • Scented candles: They instantly make the space inviting and cozy. In the romantic sense, their scent and warm glow sets the cozy, intimate mood. Just a word of caution when choosing scents: know what your partner likes. 
  • Ambient lighting: These illuminate the space with a dramatic ambiance. At the same time, they give the room a certain character. Design perks aside, they also put couples in a romantic spirit. If you have a tall ceiling or a cove structure in the bathroom, the fixtures can be installed along the perimeter of that area.
  • His and hers sinks: They say that the secret to a blissful relationship is this fixture. Whether you believe it or not, it’s still a nice addition to the bathroom. You can stack up your own bath essentials, and your partner can do so in their space. Design-wise, it renders an appealing symmetrical look–and a hotel-like feel. 

In the Kitchen and Dining Area

For these spaces, the best Valentine gift for your home and for your partner is a renovation project. The kitchen, as many would say and attest to, is the heart of the home. For sure, this is your most-used room in the house. It’s where you and your partner cook meals together or talk about your day after work. It’s also where people gather when you host a dinner party for friends or loved ones. So it’s only fitting to make the “grandest” TLC fix in this room.

That said, when going on a kitchen remodel, list down your needs and wants first. You can easily do this by considering the current kitchen design. What do you not like about it? What does it lack? Is it the small space? The outdated appliances? Once you’re able to pin down these things, that’s when you talk to an interior designer who can incorporate these needs and wants to the aesthetics.

How are you treating your home this Valentine’s Day? If you haven’t been feeling the love in your space, maybe it’s because it hasn’t received TLC in the last months. Spruce things up, and your home will, in turn, be a space filled with love.


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