Check Out Baby Thylane Bolzico’s Comfy, Cozy Room

A relaxing tropical paradise is what you would call baby Thylane Katana’s nursery, considering that it was once an empty space. As unique as her name is, the room features distinctive pieces put together by none other than her ultra-artistic mom Solenn Heussaff. Filming a room tour on her Youtube channel, the actress proved that she’s doing great not just in the first-time mom department, but also on design and aesthetics. 

Here are some of the interior details worth highlighting (and replicating in your own baby room):

Color Palette: Sage Green

Screenshot from Solenn Heussaff’s Youtube Channel

Solenn admitted that she originally painted the wall dark blue, but eventually she changed her mind, shifting to sage green. Getting candid on the vlog, she shared, “I’m very much into jungle, tropics, and anything green at the moment, so that’s the look I [went] for.” 

From here, you can already get some good nursery design tips when it comes to color schemes. For one, if you’re still undecided about specific hues, determine the vibe you’re going for. As mentioned, Solenn was leaning towards the tropics, so she went for a nice, refreshing green. In your case, ask yourself, what’s the atmosphere you want to feel when you walk into your child’s room?

Another design tip: when painting a room, start with one corner first, and then give it a few more days before painting the next. See if you can really commit to that palette. Remember, colors can change the mood of the room instantly. It will be a total disaster if you don’t pick the right one. And while you’re at it, take note of relaxing hues for bedrooms. Greens and blues are the default.

Accent Details: Wooden Materials

Screenshot from Solenn Heussaff’s Youtube Channel

Baby Thylane’s room had wood accents all over, tying into the tropical theme of the room. Solenn incorporated rattan shelves from Albero, a rustic lighting fixture from Arte Cebuana, and decorative blinds from PNG’s Furnishings. 

For storage, the room has a wooden rack by Vito Selma, a piece that’s very unique, as the shelves are movable. “You get to play around with it. You can re-design the shelf. You can either put everything straight or crisscross,” Solenn shared. The contents of the rack also tie into the wooden, natural materials of other details, as they are wicker baskets, recycled from Christmas presents.

In the same manner, when introducing accent details to your nursery, make sure that while they give a pop, they shouldn’t look out of place. It should have elements that are close to the overall theme or the color palette. As an added nursery design tip, invest in visually interesting pieces. Go for some odd-shaped furniture to make the pieces pop.

Furniture and Fixture: Custom-Built and Long-Lasting

Screenshot from Solenn Heussaff’s Youtube Channel

For the two most important areas in a nursery, the closet and changing station, Solenn merged both and had it made by More Than a Chair. Mind you, she designed the two-in-one installation. “I sent them some pegs of the look I wanted, like vintage feels with a little bit of gold, and of course, rattan, the whole Filipino side to it,” she said.

The closet has spacious storage, holding almost every baby essential, from medicines to sterilized bottles, and of course clothes. Lots of clothes.

You can do the same design move of getting multi-purpose furniture in your nursery. This is especially necessary when you only have a tiny space. If the custom-built closet-changer won’t fit in the budget, invest in other pieces, such as benches with storage spaces or cribs that come with changing tables.

Baby Thylane’s crib, although not necessarily multi-purpose, is long-lasting, as the height is adjustable. Solenn shared, “It can transition from newborn to four or five years of age, so she’ll sleep on [it] for a while.”

Fabrics: Pattern-Filled

Screenshot from Solenn Heussaff’s Youtube Channel

The beddings in baby Thylane’s crib feature distinct patterns, which Solenn calls “Filipino dolls,” as they are character figures in native costumes. The actress said the blanket designs were from her, revealing as well that she and her sister started a brand called Abode, which offers designs for crib sheets.

Aside from the bed fabrics, the carpet in the nursery room also sports an interesting look. Made of satin, viscose, bamboo, and wool, the fabric features flower patterns. “It’s just the shape of a cowhide, but it’s actually just wool,” Solenn noted.

If you’re going for pattern-filled fabrics in your nursery as well, go for those that have muted hues. The design itself is already an attention-grabber. You wouldn’t want it to be too overwhelming with bold colors. That could work in the living room, perhaps. But in the baby’s room where you want a tranquil atmosphere? Go for toned-down hues.

Baby Thylane’s room is a dreamy tropical haven. From the color scheme down to fabric choices, everything reflects that jungle zen. When working on your own nursery, file this Solenn creation under good inspirations and take note of the useful nursery design tips.


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