6 Ways Township Living Helps You Regain Control Over Your Health and Future

You may think that living in a township—a community with residential, commercial, and institutional elements—is all about convenience. Indeed, part of the manifold benefits it offers is having everything within your reach. But a master-planned development can also help you achieve life’s most important milestones. 

For instance, Lancaster New City by PRO-FRIENDS is an excellent choice for those wishing to upgrade their lifestyles. An integrated township such as this can help take control of your life, particularly the areas of health and financial security. 

Here’s how: 

Picking Up New Healthy Habits and Hobbies

Healthy habits are for personal improvement, while hobbies are for your enjoyment. Both are building blocks for a better life. In a township development, here are some ways to maintain health and wellness: 

Start a Kitchen Garden

Get into the habit of eating fresh, nutritious food. The first step to achieving is creating your own kitchen garden. In the most spacious units at Lancaster New City, like the three-bedroom Margaret and four-bedroom Alexandra, there’s an extensive green space that you can use to grow herbs and vegetables.

For smaller spaces, on the other hand, exploring vertical farming and using wall-mounted planters would be ideal. 

Pursue feel-good and healthy activities at the Alexandra unit of Lancaster New City – Artist’s Perspective

Follow Your Bliss When Exercising

Workouts shouldn’t be forced. Otherwise, it would feel like a chore. From the outset, you should associate positive feelings with exercising to help keep your motivation. Remember also that there’s no one way to be physically fit.

At Lancaster New City, you can make regular exercises fun, liberating, and empowering. Run with the kids in the township’s abounding green spaces, bike around the neighborhood, or go for a swim at the pool area of LNC Grounds-Hope.

Develop Greater Agency

Sense of agency refers to having control over your actions and their consequences. One way to feel more in control is to escape overstimulation, which calls for recreation time outdoors or being away from electronic devices and negative online interactions.

Another way is to surround yourself with people who can help you reach your full potential and affirm your values. If selflessness is something that you treasure, consider joining volunteering activities at Lancaster New City or connecting with your neighbors. 

Securing Financial Stability in Every Life Stage

Owning a property can help increase your chances of achieving financial security over the long term. Particularly, a home in a township lets you explore these money-making strategies:

Build Wealth Through the Years 

You can consider homeownership as a savings vehicle. Meeting monthly payments is like paying yourself back over time. Your money is being put into an asset that could grow in value after a couple of years, thereby increasing your net worth. 

CALABARZON has been recently hailed as the fastest-growing region in 2021. And for homebuyers in Cavite, this means higher real estate values the longer they hold on to their properties.

Convenience at its peak is among the many benefits of living at Lancaster New City – Artist’s Illustration

Make Your Money Work for You

Houses and lots for sale at Lancaster New City aren’t just for upgraders. These properties also make viable options for investors. Most of them want to earn passive income, and this is possible in the burgeoning province of Cavite. 

Plans to decongest Metro Manila and build more infrastructure outside of it will only strengthen the appeal of nearby provinces like Cavite. This translates to higher rental activities and, eventually, rent prices in the area. Having a property for rent in a secure and integrated township like Lancaster New City also helps investors capture and keep long-term tenants.

Be Ready for Retirement

Buying a home in a township can also be a part of your larger plan to be retirement ready. After all, this property may serve as your life-long home. 

In general, owning a house provides a lower cost of living than renting. Rental rates can continuously increase, but your own property can be a good hedge against inflation. Even if you’re far away from retiring, there are many long-term benefits to buying a home.

First, the earlier you buy, the sooner you can pay off your mortgage. Second, you can anticipate future monthly costs and plan accordingly. And third, you get plenty of time to save up for any renovations or updates you might need later. 

Health and financial wellness are interlinked in many ways. In a township community like Lancaster New City, you have the chance to improve these areas and be confident in your actions and money decisions every day. 

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