6 Home Security Features That Can Increase Property Value

In the post-pandemic world that changed the standards of safety, security features are becoming top priorities among home seekers. Alarm systems and 24-hour security, for instance, had their spots in the most searched amenities for the second quarter of 2021

On the Lamudi platform, the preference for security amenities also grew from the pandemic onset period (January-April 2020) to the recovery period (January-April 2022).

These trends show an emerging demand for home security features, hinting at their role in increasing property values. 

Here are some home security features that are both life-enhancing and value-adding: 

Alarm System

An alarm system is a notable feature in modern, upscale condo buildings. Common systems installed can alert residents of a break-in or other threats like fires and earthquakes. A premium, thoughtfully-designed condo like this Mandaluyong property also has a Public Address (PA) system that helps in informing residents of emergencies. 

Besides condos, you can also find houses for sale with alarm systems. This modern minimalist home in Quezon City, for example, uses a laser security system that raises the alarm when lights are triggered.

24-Hour Security 

Gated residential subdivisions and condo communities enjoy 24-hour security, thanks to the availability of CCTVs, onsite security personnel, secure gates, and boundary walls.

There are projects out there that take it to the next level by having a double-gated community like this luxury neighborhood in Muntinlupa. But again, 24-hour security is a feature available in most home options across the country

Secure Parking

Secure parking is also available in many gated horizontal and vertical developments. Off-street parking is common in subdivisions with large houses that come with their own garage.

Meanwhile, in condominiums, the parking slot is usually sold separately. There are also condo projects with highly secure parking facilities, equipped with carbon monoxide detectors and an automated parking system. 

So, is it worth having secure parking even if you don’t drive? If you have the budget for it, yes. A parking slot of a house and lot is relatively flexible and can be used for different purposes. For extra passive income, you may also want to rent out the parking space. 


High-end subdivisions and condo buildings with an intercom bolster security in multiple ways. For one, the device makes it easier for those inside the home or condo to screen visitors. 

Second, houses with intercoms increase convenience. They can be used to make quick announcements for family members without yelling. Or, an elderly can communicate with others via intercom without having to get up. 

Thirdly, there will be fewer worries about answering the door no matter what time it is. In addition to having audio capabilities, some intercom systems can show you a video of the person standing near your entryway.

Smart Technology 

Smart home devices are the latest innovation to help with security. From video doorbells to smart door locks to smart LED lights, these features can be easily accessed through your phone and keep you safe 24/7. 

A lot of condo homes, especially those with Wi-Fi or fiber internet connection, are compatible with smart devices. Other condo projects enhance their security by having RFID-enabled elevators and locksets. They allow for a contactless entry, which is another way to stay safe amid the ongoing pandemic.

Low Crime Rates 

Finally, a safe location that prevents crime, accidents, and injuries can be appealing to those searching for a peaceful home. In the Philippines, Davao and Makati have been hailed among the safest cities in Southeast Asia for 2019 and 2021, based on Numbeo’s Safety Index.

Having a home in Davao, you’ll be surrounded by public places made safe by high police visibility. The city’s 911 emergency response center has also been recognized for effectively handling the emergency needs of Dabawenyos and linking them to government resources. 

Meanwhile, Makati’s high rank in the safety index is due to the local government’s partnership with the local police force in maintaining peace and order. Investments in disaster response have also been made to improve the life quality of residents and tenants in the city.

Other thriving cities where you can find a safe neighborhood include BaguioIloiloCebu, and Quezon City.

Keeping your home free of dangers would significantly rely on having the above safety features. And while we cannot put a price on safety, there’s no stopping these features from boosting the value of your home over time.

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