A Guide to House Upgrading: Where to Look and What to Find

Finally, you’ve moved past the question: “Is a bigger home right for me?” But the hard part isn’t over yet. Perhaps you’re now searching for a new nesting place–somewhere you can pick up new hobbies, pursue passion projects, and pamper your loved ones. 

Big homes represent big dreams. Similarly, living large (literally) allows you to have ample space to be productive and ready for life transitions. With a bigger home, you can dream on and unlock new goals for you and your family.   

If you’re like most people when upsizing, you’d start by considering the location. It’s common knowledge that besides home size, the neighborhood plays a crucial role in achieving next-level comfort. That said, here’s a guide on where to start your home search. 

Where to Look 

Metro Manila has long been considered a highly convenient home location because of its continued urbanization. But as the capital region becomes denser, it’s increasingly more difficult and costlier to have a bigger home here. The next best location? A nearby province like Cavite.  

Major developments are happening in Cavite, spurred by improving infrastructure in the province and its surrounding areas. Cavite is notable for being close to Metro Manila, so living here would not keep you detached from the latest urban trends.

As a first-class province with its own thriving industries, real estate developers have flocked to Cavite to build bigger homes for an upgraded lifestyle. One of them is Property Company of Friends, Inc. (PRO-FRIENDS), the developer of Cavite’s fully integrated, family-friendly township: Lancaster New City. 

A greenery-filled roundabout inside Lancaster New City (Actual Photo)

Cavite is indeed one of the best representations of an ideal home location for upgraders and growing families. It’s a place where you can:

  • Experience peaceful suburban living with a modern touch. 
  • Find job or business opportunities, particularly in the logistics, industrial, and warehousing sectors
  • Enjoy metro accessibility through CAVITEX, SLEX, C-5 South Link, MCX, and NAIA Expressway.  
  • Revel in township living and get immediate access to a mall, shopping center, community clubhouse, office building, and more. 
  • Find residential units that fit your upgrading needs, including spacious townhomes and modern-designed single attached homes.

Once you’ve fallen in love with the neighborhood, you know it’s time to get into more details regarding house features. It’s not enough that you know you need a bigger home. Reflect on other specifications that can help you experience a more comfortable life. 

What to Find  

Three-bedroom houses are practical options as these provide enough space to move around, and privacy for every growing family member. Depending on the house design, you can get value-added features, such as a car garage, a lanai, a balcony, and a family room.

Facade of Thea, a three-bedroom townhouse fit for a family of five (Actual Photo)

Look for a three-bedroom townhouse if: 

  • You want a practical yet comfortable home with just the right size – Townhomes are roomier than most apartments, but the former have smaller square footage than single attached homes.  
  • You want a relaxed, low-maintenance lifestyle – The compact design of townhomes requires less time and energy for maintenance, but you still get plenty of indoor and outdoor space for rest and recreation.

Facade of Chessa, a three-bedroom single attached house with lanai and car garage provisions (Actual Photo)

Look for a three-bedroom single attached house if: 

  • You want to live close to your relatives – An attached home has a single boundary wall that links it to the next unit. It’s suitable for those who prefer living near their elderly relatives and extended families who are big on gatherings. 
  • You want more flexibility – Single-attached homes may be more flexible because of their larger square footage. Dwellers can have their own home office, study room, or children’s indoor play area. 

If you want to go even bigger, consider four-bedroom townhomes and single-attached houses. Such units are available in Lancaster New City, offering generous outdoor spaces for lush gardens and al-fresco lounges. With an extra room, you can convert it to a guest room, a storage area, or a hobby room. 

For the next most crucial step, find the right-sized home in a community where your family comes first. Lancaster New City is on a mission to be that kind of development, a complete township where everything is within reach–a business park, a retail center, a worship place, and educational zones to support basic needs and more. The township development is also a place to cultivate strong family ties, featuring recreational amenities where you and your loved ones can find joy every day. 

Click here to learn more about what’s in store for you at Lancaster New City


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