Tech Tools Every Real Estate Broker Can Use During the Outbreak Lockdown

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The novel coronavirus outbreak has put several industries on pause. For the real estate sector, brokers and agents may be faced with canceled or postponed events scheduled this month, but the industry in itself is operating and have continued to remain optimistic. It’s just a matter of finding ways to keep operations going given the government’s community quarantine directive to curb the spread of the virus. 

The good news is brokers and agents can still keep up with most of their everyday tasks while staying at home during a lockdown. The key? Technology. 

While nobody is sure how long this coronavirus crisis will last, take advantage of the technology available to you. Here are some that will make your work from home arrangement successful for your real estate business:

Check on Clients Through Skype or Zoom

One thing you can do at the comfort of your home, while on community quarantine, is checking in on clients. With Skype or Zoom, you can easily touch base with them. As for the approach, you want to tread lightly in following them up, so as not to be insensitive about the health crisis we’re in. 

Before going business mode, ask them how they are, what the situation is like at their location, or how they’ve been coping with the lockdown. This is an opportunity to know more about their needs. From there, you may be able to find an opportunity to serve them better and bring up the deal. 

Utilize Google Alerts to Improve Your Real Estate Knowledge

You don’t need to be in a physical school or a conference to know what’s happening in the real estate industry. In the meantime, turn on your Google alerts for updates about the property sector. 

Go to the page, key in “real estate Philippines” or other related keywords you want to be notified about, and then click “Create Alert.” With this, you’ll get emails whenever a news article that has the topic you entered gets published.

There are also Lamudi Academy classes available online to help you with your lead generation and management skills. All you need is your mobile device, laptop, or desktop, and an internet connection to enrich your real estate marketing skills. 

Update Your Clients Using Email Marketing Tools

As everyone stays indoors and watches out for the latest update on the coronavirus, they may have a lot of questions, particularly if you were in the middle of a transaction before the whole Luzon was placed under enhanced community quarantine. Take this opportunity to send them an email to update them of the transaction, and to assure them that everything is in order. 

One thing you may not be fond of doing when you’re busy and driving around the city to meet clients is purging your email distribution lists, but now that you’re at home, you have the time to do this as well. After you’ve updated your list, use tools such as Mailchimp and Sender to create newsletters for your list of clients. This is a practice you can continue to adapt even after the coronavirus quarantine is over. Clients prefer brokers and agents who are responsive and proactive, after all.  

Upload Listings on Online Platforms to Generate Leads 

Even though you’re not in malls flyering, you can keep attracting clients to the house and lot or condo you’re selling. Take the business online; lockdowns don’t matter in the web space. List your properties on portals. With people staying indoors during the outbreak, they have a lot more time to search the web. Your property needs to appear on their search results as seekers go online. A listing on a platform such as Lamudi will be easier to see on the search engine results pages.

This will dramatically increase your property’s visibility since the listing is there 24/7. Plus, it will augment the number of people interested, because you’re not only catching local property seekers, but anyone all over the world who has an internet connection.

PROTIP: If you already have listed properties online, take this time to review them. Update them. See if there are amenities or features you can highlight further. Add ongoing developments around the neighborhood to further entice potential buyers.

Use the Lead Management Tool to Track Leads

Although you’re not in the office, you can still keep track of the leads you generated. In fact, you can do it in a more efficient way with Lamudi’s lead management tool. There are three features in this tool that allows you to streamline the job:

  • Lead Tagging. With this, you can categorize leads based on interests and ease of conversion. You’ll be able to put a status on each lead, whether they’re new, hot, or cold. It will then be easier to decide if you should follow up. 
  • Lead Profiling. Of course, not all leads will easily convert to a sale. In most cases, you need to nurture that lead. Through the profiling feature, you can record particular client interests and needs, such as location preferences and budget. With this, you’ll easily remember what to check on your inventory of products, as well as impress your clients about how well you took note of what they said.
  • Lead Filtering. The tool comes with an advanced search engine system, which allows users to filter leads based on the assigned tags, new, hot, or cold. This means when you remember a particular client and would want to check the status on them, you can easily find them with this feature.

PROTIP: Use the Messaging feature on Lamudi’s Lead Management Tool to organize your communication history with clients. While you check in on them one by one, don’t neglect email blasts to keep them updated about your new offerings.

The coronavirus outbreak is here, and it’s showing that the real estate sector can adapt. Use technology to maintain your brokerage practice. It’s available at your fingertips.


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