Starting Over in Iloilo: This Exclusive Community is Your Next Home

Different reasons trigger a journey to start over. It could happen when you realize you want a family, a better lifestyle, or a more fulfilling job. Whichever the reason, starting over in Iloilo province will be a welcoming experience.

Besides the Ilonggos who will make you feel at home, the prime development of Parc Regency Residences will welcome you into a close-knit community. 

Learn why this residential project by PRO-FRIENDS is an ideal place to build the life you want. 

Proximity to New Life Opportunities

Parc Regency Residences is in the fast-growing town of Pavia—just less than 20 minutes from Iloilo City. Hence, it’s the perfect location to get the best of both suburban and urban worlds. The subdivision is near the town’s commercial district, including popular malls Robinsons Place Pavia, CityMall, and GT Town Center. So even though you’re starting over, you’ll have everything within your reach.

Parc Regency Residences is also near the international airport. This is a remarkable feature, as transit-oriented neighborhoods are bound to emerge as hubs for business and career opportunities. For travel options, you can find more of them when you explore Iloilo City. Your new life will be filled with trips to pristine Spanish churches, first-rate restaurants, and a lovely riverside. 

Amenities to Rediscover Your Self

Parc Regency Residences - Basketball Covered Court
Discover new interests and hobbies at the playing court of Parc Regency Residences (Actual Photo).

Starting over is tied to rediscovering who you are and what matters most to you. At Parc Regency Residences, you’ll have the space and facilities to help you with this process. The 49.5-hectare subdivision has linear parks, courtyards, a swimming pool, a covered basketball court, and a multi-purpose clubhouse. There’s no need to go outside the community when you want to try new things. 

Self-rediscovery may also mean getting back to activities you loved before adulthood. For example, if you felt the most alive while spending time in nature, you can recreate that feeling—every day—when you live in a community with ample green spaces. 

Homes that Offer Flexibility 

Starting a new life in a new place will make you realize that change is inevitable. But it’s easier to adapt when you’re in the right environment. 

At Parc Regency Residences, you’ll find a range of houses that are functionally flexible. This means they are spacious enough to accommodate different and multiple activities. If you plan to live in Iloilo and raise a family, check out the Stephanie and Madelyn units at Parc Regency Residences. They come with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and well-spaced living, dining, and kitchen areas. They also have a provision for a multi-purpose carport. 

For bigger families, Parc Regency Residences has two bigger single-attached units: Amanda and Olive. Both have four bedrooms, one of which can be turned into a guest room, study area, or home office. There are also provisions for a lanai and a balcony to provide more space for other activities. 

With homes as flexible as these, residents will have living spaces suitable for their evolving needs.

Safety Meets Stability

Parc Regency Residences - Madelyn Unit
Live life on your terms when you move into the Madelyn unit of Parc Regency Residences (Actual Photo).

Well-designed subdivisions like Parc Regency Residences also come with their own security features. As an exclusive community, this project will give you and your loved ones a heightened sense of protection. Gated entrance, security personnel, and neighbors who look out for each other make living here a comforting experience. 

Note also that this subdivision is a short drive away from one of the safest cities in the Philippines. This means its location has the potential to attract a variety of businesses, which, in turn, could increase the value of homes at Parc Regency Residences. Consider moving here if you’re looking for a home that could cover moving costs and bring additional profits when it has appreciated enough. 

While there’s no guarantee how much a home could increase in value, choosing the right location and maintaining the property are proven ways to maximize appreciation.

Choose Parc Regency Residences today to experience value for money and a safe, convenient way to start life afresh. Learn more about the project here


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