4 Key Features of a Home that Promote Health and Wellness

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It’s time to treat your home as an investment for your health and wellness. Your environment can impact you in many ways, and if you’re in a properly designed one, you can have the healthiest life possible. 

Condo developments today are in a race to address the health and wellness needs of property seekers. However, there are only a few that take it one step further. Arthaland’s Una Apartments, for instance, is a mid-rise wellness-focused condo that aims to exceed expectations. It offers beyond the basics, guided by the idea that you deserve more. Think nature-inspired architecture, sustainable features, and amenities that encourage an active lifestyle. 

Let’s dive deeper into the elements of a home that supports holistic health and wellness, or simply put, the whole you:

Healthy Features 

Una Apartments furnished model unit
Your unit at Una Apartments is designed for better health and lower stress levels – Actual Photo

The very building you live in can shape your health and wellness, so it’s crucial to consider how it’s constructed. A haven for well-being has good-quality indoor air and easy-to-clean surfaces. Take, for example, Una Apartments by Arthaland. This condo uses Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), which will improve indoor air quality by bringing in fresh, filtered air while controlling the humidity for thermal comfort. All units have operable windows that allow for natural ventilation and airtight units that prevent sound and odor transfer between walls. 

Further, floors for all the units are made with Stone Polymer Composite (SPC)—a material known for being highly durable. It’s also scratch- and water-resistant and easier to clean. Remember that a tidy home gives off a nice vibe, leading to feelings of comfort and freshness. 

Spaces for Wellness

Wellness spaces take different forms, as seen at Una Apartments. From the units to the amenity area to the surrounding neighborhood, you’ll find an area to wind down and tend to your health needs. 

Una Apartments offers studio and one-bedroom units that are already furnished with select IKEA products. You can expect a home with a calming atmosphere and aesthetic look in every room. All units also have a balcony, giving you that sweeping view of greenery. The sustainable community of Una Apartments has 60% of green and open spaces, so you’ll be surrounded by the relaxing presence of nature. 

Meanwhile, the pedestrian and bicycle-friendly open spaces encourage residents to adopt a more active lifestyle. You can also be physically active by spending time at the condo’s swimming pool, sunken garden, and fitness center. Amenities for kids are likewise available, including a children’s pool and playground.

Energy-Efficient Design 

Una Apartments energy-efficient unit
An airy and light-filled unit at Una Apartments will surely boost your mood – Actual Photo

Energy efficiency is a familiar concept for those who want to cut costs. However, it’s also a feature that helps maintain a safer and healthier environment. With sustainable condo features like low-flow plumbing fixtures and energy-efficient air conditioning and lighting systems, you’ll have a home that uses fewer natural resources and lowers carbon emissions.

These features are available at Arthaland’s Una Apartments, proving the project’s commitment to advancing sustainable real estate. It is on track to being certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), WELL Building Standard, Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE), and Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE). 

The condo is also located within Sevina Park in Biñan, Laguna. It’s the first development in Southeast Asia to receive a Platinum certification from LEED for Neighborhood Development and Homes categories and achieve a BERDE 5-star rating. Sevina Park will also have its own Health and Wellness Clinic powered by The Medical City, so residents can easily avail of premium healthcare services. 

Access to Organic Produce 

Better physical health requires a healthy baseline diet. And to achieve this, your home should give you access to fresh and organic produce. Una Apartments has been designed to put your health first, which is why it also has its own Potager Garden. In this area, you can get your hands on delicious harvests with minimal fuss.

Units at Una Apartments measure approximately 28 and 40 square meters, with prices starting at Php 5 million and Php 7 million, respectively. These units are made more accessible through the BALAI BERDE program, wherein interested buyers can loan up to 90% of the appraised value (not exceeding Php 6 million). Interest rates will be fixed, and loan terms can be stretched up to 30 years. 

Una Apartments was officially launched last September. Meet your healthier and greener home by viewing the model units at Sevina Park or visiting Una Apartments’ development page on Lamudi.


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