Living in a Modern Zen Development is Good for Your Health

Zen has found its way into the world of home design, partly because people continue to seek tranquility in a fast-paced world. Beyond the calmness it brings, a Zen home is where a healthier lifestyle begins.

Let’s dive deeper into the makings of a modern Zen development and the ways it can promote healthy living: 

Ample White Space 

Modern Zen interior - Oakwood Residences
Design a stylish and uncluttered living area in your unit at Oakwood Residences (Artist’s Perspective).

Zen-inspired homes like the ones you’ll find at Oakwood Residences in Cavite are spacious. And because of their size, they offer residents a generous amount of white space—but why does this matter?

White space allows your overall home design to “breathe.” It reduces the number of interior elements or furnishings you see all at once. Hence, white space can help remove potential distractions and lower stress levels. 

Keep in mind, however, that white space doesn’t literally have to be white. It’s that place in your home that you don’t fill with art, photos, or other objects.

A unit at Oakwood Residences typically measures around 104 square meters in floor area. Here, you can experiment with your interior design and bring a fresh breath of peace into the rooms by having enough white space.

Japandi Exterior Design

Japandi home - Oakwood Residences
Every detail of your Japandi home at Oakwood Residences suggests beautiful craftsmanship (Artist’s Perspective).

Of course, the exterior design of a modern Zen home can also evoke feelings of calmness. Just take, for example, the houses at Oakwood Residences. They follow the Japandi style, a combination of Japanese aesthetics and Scandinavian design. Their common interest? Minimalism.

Japandi houses at Oakwood Residences make perfect use of neutral tones, different textures, and natural elements. The result is a look that’s minimal but welcoming. Japandi style reminds you to focus on the most important things and inspires you to live with less. This way, you can give yourself more time for healthy activities like exercise and meditative hobbies. 

Close to Nature

Exposure to nature has been linked to many health-related benefits: better mood, improved attention, and lower stress. Nature is also good for heart health as it encourages you to add more movement to your day and stay active.

This is why the modern Zen development of Oakwood Residences is also appealing to health-conscious millennials and families. This project is part of a larger community, the Carmona Estates, which spans 87 hectares. Without leaving the masterplanned community, you can easily access pocket parks and open spaces where you can do your morning or evening workout routines. There are also jogging and biking trails nearby, giving you more options to exercise and have fun.

Meanwhile, in your future home at Oakwood Residences, you can incorporate natural elements to feel the soothing effect of nature. On your balcony, you can add plants of your choice or create a vertical garden. Consider adding a seating area so you can get cozy as you enjoy the scenic mountain views. 

Inspires Mindful Travel

Oakwood Residences - Modern Zen Development
Oakwood Residences also offers peace of mind by bringing you closer to places you want to be in (Artist’s Perspective). 

Another notable feature of modern Zen projects like Oakwood Residences is proximity to travel destinations. This development is in Carmona, Cavite, with future access roads going to CALAX and SLEX. Meaning, residents can easily reach the high-tourism areas of Cavite, Laguna, and Batangas. It’s also near Metro Manila, which is less than an hour and a half away. 

Being mindful when traveling is one way to live in the moment. Through this, you can fully appreciate the experience and be in awe of your surroundings. Meeting the locals and people from all walks of life is also good for your mental health. After all, socializing makes you feel supported, valued, and connected to others.

When you live at Oakwood Residences, it’s possible not to rush from one travel destination to another. Your proximity to major roads and transportation hubs saves you from long commutes and gives you ample time to enjoy traveling. 

Being in the soon-to-be city of Carmona, this project by BREIGHTON and PRO-FRIENDS allows future homeowners to have a Zen city life. Oakwood Residences is that home where you can balance a true sense of peace and convenience. It’s where urbanity meets bliss.

Get first-hand experience of how healthy modern Zen living could be. See your options at Oakwood Residences today.


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