3 Tips for Creating the Best Christmas Memories in Your Iloilo Home

Did you know that Iloilo province offers many ways to experience the best Christmas ever? It’s not just about the province being a tourist destination. It’s also about Iloilo having a prime subdivision where families can celebrate meaningfully.

At Parc Regency Residences, you’ll have the space, facilities, and friendly community that make the holidays extra special. Inside, outside, and beyond this residential development, you can explore different ways to cultivate and spread joy. 

Here are some of them: 

Use the Outdoor Space and Amenities

Parc Regency Residences clubhouse front
Explore new ways to use the community clubhouse at Parc Regency Residences (Actual Photo).

Expansive and well-designed developments like Parc Regency Residences are known for their open green spaces and communal facilities. Besides being places for relaxation, they serve as a hub for social connection.

As Christmas approaches, use these facilities to gather your family, friends, and neighbors. Consider organizing a community-wide gift exchange that could take place in the clubhouse. Or how about a Christmas sports event showcasing camaraderie and collaboration within the community? Parc Regency Residences has a covered basketball court and open spaces for festive sporting moments.

The development also boasts a linear park—an additional open space for residents to get together. A fun Christmas activity would be to host a holiday festival at the park. It’s a creative way for community members to bond and an event for friendships to flourish. 

Bring the Fun Indoors 

Amanda unit at Parc Regency Residences
You can transform the Amanda unit of Parc Regency Residences into a chic space for Christmas (Actual Photo).

Of course, inside a spacious Iloilo home, you can continue the fun and festive mood. This is also the perfect place to host intimate gatherings or engage in family activities.

At Parc Regency Residences, the house models Stephanie, Madelyn, Olive, and Amanda offer that ample space for growing families. They measure around 52 to 107 square meters, with a two-storey house design. 

Inside these units, residents can designate an area for holiday game nights, set up an entertainment room for Christmas movie marathons, or have a festive cooking contest in the kitchen.

Houses with balconies, such as the Olive and Amanda models, allow families to have a Christmassy outdoor space. There’s no limit to how cozy your balcony can be, so bring out those garlands, ribbons, bells, and twinkling lights. With safety precautions in place, you can even turn your Christmas balcony into a play area for the whole family. 

Go Simple and Traditional

Parc Regency Residences brings you close to essential establishments and must-see destinations (Actual Photo).

If you and your family are big on celebrating Christmas, there might be traditions you can’t just go without. For example, completing the nine-day special masses or Simbang Gabi, or visiting local Christmas attractions.

Well-planned communities like Parc Regency Residences are located near churches, commercial establishments, and tourist destinations. This particular development is in Pavia town, the gateway to Iloilo City. This means residents can easily reach historical landmarks, parks, and other public spaces festively adorned during the holidays. As you stroll through the city streets and plazas with colorful parols, don’t forget to have some bibingkaputo bumbong, and other local delicacies.

Back to your Iloilo home, you can also try simple ways to spread joy and goodwill. For instance, take the popular song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and combine it with random acts of kindness.

With the 12 Days of Christmas Kindness, you’ll have a great way to make someone else happy and do something nice for your neighbors. Doing this with your family can also encourage them to be generous and compassionate towards others.

Christmas is a magical time of the year, and at Parc Regency Residences, you can be that magic for other people. This fosters the sense of community that’s already present within the subdivision, improving the residents’ life satisfaction and overall well-being. 

Parc Regency Residences is a growing residential community of 3,000 families. Its family-friendly homes and amenities are a source of pride for homeowners, giving them the space to thrive and feel safe.

A development by PRO-FRIENDS, Parc Regency Residences extends homeownership to more Filipino families. Interested buyers can save as much as 400k on Amanda, Olive, and Madelyn units, and 250k on Stephanie units. 

Learn more about Parc Regency Residences on Lamudi.


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