Simple Tips for Turning Your Home into a Spa

Simple Tips for Turning Your Home into a Spa_IngImage - Lamudi Philippines

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Instead of spending thousands on a spa treatment, why not turn your condo into one? Here are simple tips on how to turn your home into a spa

Because of the rising stress levels we all are experiencing these days, a regular retreat to spas seems to be somewhat more of a necessity than a luxury. For many of us, penciling in a spa appointment probably means cancelling out other commitments plus shelling out a few thousand pesos of our hard-earned money. Most of the time, this is not even possible.

So what is the best way to combat this dilemma? Bring the spa to your own condo unit! Here’s how to turn your condo into a spa-like, tranquil space conducive for a staycation.

1. Heaven Scent

Simple Tips for Turning Your Home into a Spa - Lamudi Philippines
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Ever wondered how a scent could almost instantly make you feel all warm and relaxed inside? This is because different aromas can trigger your brain’s memory center, evoking comforting memories such as a great day at the beach or a relaxing stroll in a mountain resort. Some scents like green tea, citrus, or bamboo can help you unwind and let you drift into a state of relaxation, while others, like lavender, have been proven to have therapeutic effects.

So if you want to relax and surround yourself with spa-like aromatic bliss, place scented candles (eco-friendly would be a better choice) in your home. Or better yet, buy those affordable scented oil burners for a long-lasting scent so you can even periodically switch fragrant oils if you wish. If you are not too keen on lighting up candles, try reed diffusers, which also work well.

2. Find Your Rhythm

Simple Tips for Turning Your Home into a Spa - Lamudi Philippines
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Another thing that helps infuse a relaxing ambience into your home is soft, instrumental music. Many of us may undermine the power of sound in our homes as most of us are used to the buzz of our electronic devices or the noise our TV gives off. According to some ayurvedic principles, peaceful beats can help ease tension while encouraging relaxation after a long day. Ambient music is best if you really want to borrow elements from your favorite spas—it can even help you fall asleep faster.

3. Stock up on Home Spa Essentials

Simple Tips for Turning Your Home into a Spa - Lamudi Philippines
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Now that you have the perfect ambience for the proper staycation, stock up on spa essentials like sweet-smelling sugar scrubs, scented lotions, those little effervescent bath balls, and bath poufs for a relaxing bath in the comforts of your own tub. Then apply a sheet of one of those simple facial paper masks for a quick facial (try to veer away from a tedious skin routine since you are trying to relax). The good thing about this is that you need not splurge on your spa necessities for your at-home treatments, since you can buy them on the cheap from your neighborhood personal care stores or even from supermarkets. And for the cherry on top, give yourself an easy do-it-yourself foot spa. Invest in an affordable foot spa machine where you can pour foamy peppermint bath to soak your tired feet. A basin of warm water can be a cheap alternative and will work as nicely.

Now You Can Enjoy a Spa-like Ambience at Kasara Urban Resort Residences

Kasara Urban Resort Residences_Empire East Land Holdings
Kasara Urban Resort Residences. Photo courtesy of Empire East Holdings

The one thing that spa resorts have that’s difficult to replicate at home is their luxurious resort-like atmosphere. Although a home can be turned into one, it will be utterly expensive. But what if there’s a condo designed to make you feel like you’re in a luxurious spa? Fortunately, there is Empire East’s Kasara Urban Resort Residences—your very own urban oasis that is as peaceful and relaxing as a spa resort.

A breath of fresh air from all the stressors we get from urban living, Kasara promotes luxe resort-style living in the middle of Metro Manila. Situated along C5 Road in Brgy. Ugong, Pasig, this condominium complex is comprised of six towers built to be a comforting refuge, with ample ventilation and lush greenery, and an abundance of water features in the form of koi ponds, a centerpiece lake-pool, cascading fountains, river paths, and turtle ponds. A clubhouse is even built in the middle of the complex for those who want to immerse themselves in the community within the condominium complex.

For those who seek to break away from the city but can’t spare time to go on vacations? Why not live in constant vacation in Kasara Urban Resort Residences?

A subsidiary of real estate giant Megaworld Corp., Empire East Holdings, Inc., is the developer of noted residential projects in Metro Manila, including The Rochester, San Lorenzo Place, and Kasara Urban Resort Residences, among others. To know more about Empire East homes, call 02 810-3333 or visit their website Like them on Facebook ( or follow them on Twitter (@empireeast) and Instagram (@lifeisatempireeast) for more updates.

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