Small Office Design Ideas: Tips for Maximizing Space

In this era when every square meter of office space is precious, being smart on how to maximize it is crucial

In a time when every square meter of office space is becoming precious and very expensive, companies do not seem to have much choice but to move to locations where rents are low (and risk losing some business) or find a small space downtown and make the most of it.

The former may seem like an attractive and cheaper option; however, companies may still choose the latter. After all, part of running a business is being creative, and this can be applied to how you make the most of what you have by coming up with office designs for small spaces. From using multipurpose everything to utilizing even vertical space, Lamudi has listed some useful tips for a small office space design.

1. Multipurpose Everything

Coming up with small office design ideas requires innovative thinking, similar to what Los Angeles-based company called engage:BDR has done to theirs. They use their walls and windows as interactive boards to capture flashes of ideas. This way, the team can take note of an inspiration wherever they are in the office. Small spaces push your creativity to utilize every inch.

Some examples of office design ideas for small spaces include the following:

  • The back of chairs can hold pockets to store water bottles, extra pens, highlighters, note pads, paper clips, staplers and wires.
  • Doors can double as interactive boards, vision boards, and even storage.
  • Step stools or footrests can be a small storage container as well.
  • Ceilings can have hanging plants and fans so these do not take precious floor space.
  • Walls can have heavy-duty hooks to hold foldable tables and chairs.

2. Flexible and Movable

Keeping the center space open and clutter-free can be the perfect template for most small office spaces. By using collapsible table and chairs, the center area can be cleared out after the weekly group meetings and/or office lunch.

Small Office Space Design Ideas - Lamudi Philippines
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However, although open spaces create an illusion of size, they may not be the best layout for all. Intelligent use of space (especially when one thinks of ways to come up with small office designs) should be based on the purpose of the business. When intense focus is a requirement, an open layout can be a distraction rather than a solution. Similar to what IBM’s Design Center in Austin, Texas, has done, a mixed dose of collaboration and privacy can be struck by using collapsible walls and movable workstations.

3. Essential Elements

People-centered design has a huge impact on job performance and the overall identity of the organization. Be open to suggestions and take a survey among employees to ask whether the current setup is working for them. No matter how small or big an office space is, however, the following are essential elements that must be in place.

  • Good lighting and ventilation are always priorities. Floor-to-ceiling shelves and stacking boxes create more space, but ensure that tall cabinets do not obstruct the natural light from the window.
  • Be mindful of office ergonomics, which means you should not compromise employees’ health just to maximize the space. Make sure there is enough legroom under desks, and stools are not an option especially for jobs that require long hours in the computer.
  • If having a lounge is impossible, then make use of a wall dedicated as a breakaway space. Stick plant wall decals or paint a bamboo mural for that Zen and calming effect, and you can even hang a motivational poster near this downtime area.

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