New Year, New Career: Real Estate Professions Worth Trying Out

Last Updated on January 6, 2021 by Lamudi

The start of the new year lends a time for reflection. It’s the season of resolutions. For professionals, it’s the perfect time to ponder where their careers are headed. You yourself are probably at that crossroad wondering how you can secure a more thriving, fulfilling job. 

There are so many promising opportunities in the real estate sector that will not only offer financial stability, but will also push you to grow into a better professional. Plus, would you want to miss the opportunity to see beautiful modern houses every day? Here are some real estate professions you should consider trying out:

Real Estate Agent

Agents help arrange buy and sell transactions. A typical day in an agent’s life includes showing properties to clients, finding potential buyers, and giving out flyers in malls or other public places. Given the pandemic, these tasks have taken on the new normal reality, which is going online. They meet clients through video calls and list their offerings, from two-storey houses to office spaces, on digital platforms such as Lamudi.

If you’re considering this career, you must have these skills:

  • Communication. A large part of your job entails talking to clients. Whether in written or verbal form, you must have the ability to communicate clearly and concisely with the market you’re serving.
  • Persistence. In the real estate industry, you will encounter a lot of clients who are hesitant to proceed through the transaction for many different reasons. This is why you need the attitude of persistence, perfecting the art of follow-up.

Real Estate Broker

These professionals primarily conduct and oversee real estate transactions. Licensed, they passed a government-mandated examination that tested their knowledge of the industry. A typical day in the life of a broker includes negotiating with clients, marketing properties, and checking rules and regulations for transactions.

If you want to consider this career, you must have these skills:

  • Presentation. You will be showing a lot of proposals all throughout your career as a broker. It’s important to create an excellent impression every time, in all aspects: how you dress up, how you speak, how you give advice, and even how your material looks. 
  • Relationship building. The strength of the rapport you build with clients determines your career success. Among other aspects, you must satisfy the requirements of your clients, whether it be the need for a small house design for their starting family or an open-floor plan office space for their business.

Real Estate Consultant

Similar to brokers, these professionals hold licenses. They have gone through training and completed an educational program to pass the government-mandated exam. A typical day in the life of a consultant involves giving advice to investors and drafting analysis reports for developers.

If you want to consider this career, you must have these skills:

  • Knowledge of the market. Consultants provide additional guidance or expertise, for instance, when an investor or developer wants to expand to a new location. In this case, you must have an in-depth knowledge of the local area in question. You should be able to spot opportunities and risks in the venture.
  • Problem-solving. Investments, as you know, are not free from liabilities. As a consultant, you must be ready for clients coming to you for advice on crisis situations arising from risks.

Property Manager

They’re the overseer of rental properties. A typical day in the property manager’s life includes coordinating repair work on properties, addressing tenant complaints, collecting fees, screening renters, and filling vacancies.

If you want to consider this career, you must have these skills:

  • Organization. You have a lot of daily tasks as a property manager. You need to handle complaints or repair requests in a timely manner. Otherwise, you may lose a tenant. In this case, it’s important to be organized in your to-do’s to make sure everything is covered.
  • Relationship building. Tenants are the lifeblood of the rental property business. When renters are happy, the venture thrives. If they’re not satisfied with your service, they can easily look for the next modern rental house. This is why you should build a harmonious relationship with them, especially knowing how to deal with problem tenants.

The new year presents an opportunity to find a more rewarding, fulfilling career. Consider a profession in the real estate industry. It might just give you the fresh new start you want for 2021.


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