Quiet Spots in Makati Where You Can Meet Clients

The global shift in the corporate environment from the usual four-corner workspace to flexible co-arrangements has flowed into the country’s local business scene. Nowadays, more and more people have started to shape their working ideals in accordance with those outside the norm. This, in effect, puts to the test generations of cold, grey, corporate assemblies, as professionals eye out-of-the-box meeting ideas. The Makati cityscape has adjusted to this trend, now giving a whole new meaning to commercial establishments.

The working population has been struggling to find the best and most unique places in which to hold meetings and meet clients, especially with millennials starting to get more specific about what they want—the unintended effect of advanced technology and innovation. With the flood of up-and-coming commercial areas infiltrating almost all types of social media, it may be hard to filter in the good from the less-than-stellar ones. Brokers and clients have surely been overloaded with endless possibilities of areas to have meetings and discuss important issues.

Here’s a curated list of the quiet spots in Makati City where you can meet clients:

  • Bad Café

The new café in Legaspi Village is so good, it’s almost Bad! Named after the initials of its owners, Brian and Dianne Westphal, Bad Cafe has been serving specialty coffee, in-house baked goods, and comfort food to their growing number of loyal patrons since it opened last August. The place is definitely a winner, both menu-wise and interior-wise. Bad Cafe’s modern and expansive space allows for collaboration and creativity, perfect for conversing with clients over a meal or a cup of coffee and tea. It’s almost always quiet at Bad Café, making it perfect for brokers needing to make client calls. 

  • Bizu Patisserie

If you like modern interiors complemented by high ceilings, you’re in for a treat! Bizu Patisserie’s ambiance is comfortable and fancy at the same time. Its standards were made for the usual casual business meeting. Not only will the food be great, but the interiors will also lift up the moods of your clients. No wooing is needed–Bizu Patisserie will do it for you!

  • Habitual Coffee

Habitual Coffee is part of the third-wave coffee industry taking over the commercial market in Metro Manila. Quaintly tucked along the quiet street of Chino Roces, Habitual Coffee’s unique exterior attracts the eyes of professionals, while its signature hand-brewed coffee reels in those looking to have a quiet conversation over premium drinks. The specialty cafe’s unique “warehouse” interior is a great conversation starter for business meetings, to brighten up the clients’ moods before getting into the nitty-gritty. The place is also spacious and doesn’t get too crowded, even during the prime after-work hours.

  • Refinery

Refinery at Salcedo gives a good bang for the buck, as it provides great food and excellent service, set against a modern and innovative backdrop. Its prime corner in Salcedo Village is closest to the hustle and bustle of the city, so brokers will have no trouble meeting clients. In addition, its expansive menu is perfect for a meeting over lunch or dinner. The food is luxurious, apt for a meal turned business meeting. Its high ceiling and seating placements are also conducive to comfortable conversations.

  • Yardstick

Yardstick Coffee is ideal for serious conversations and quiet meetings, especially with its serene interior and calming ambiance setting it apart from the rest of the third-wave coffee shops in Makati City. Its high-grade coffee will be more than enough to carry a helpful conversation with clients. Couple this with Yardstick’s millennial-suited interior to have productive meetings with clients that will go well.

Say goodbye to busy backgrounds to your client calls. Be more professional and take your clients to quiet places where they can think thoroughly about their decisions. 


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