Paint Color Trends for 2023

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If you want to give your home a new personality, you don’t need to change everything from top to bottom. Repainting your space can give it a fresh look and can also help increase its value. And while Viva Magenta is Pantone’s Color of the Year, there are other options for you. Whether you want to repaint your dining area, bathroom, or children’s bedroom, there’s a perfect color for your space.

That said, here’s a list of expected paint color trends for 2023. We’ve also included suggested brands and paint colors to make it easier for you to find them in hardware stores.


Greige Paint Color

Greige, or gray and beige, has made a name for itself in 2022. Interior designers and experts predict that this color will grow stronger in 2023. This chalk-like color is also perfect for bringing outdoor hardscape tones inside your home, adding subtle depth and warmth to your home interior. 

Greige is also versatile, making it perfect for your living room, dining room, and everywhere in your home. It can also highlight other colors.

Suggested brands and paint colors: 

  • Boysen V-511 Castle Slate
  • Boysen BCP-0413 Speak to Me
  • Davies Sun & Rain SR-004 Paper Mache
  • Davies Sun & Rain SR-011 Winter Morning
  • Davies Sun & Rain SR-021 Tulle White

All Shades of Green

Green Paint Color

Earth tones are sure to be included in the paint color trends of 2023. Shades of green are expected to remain trendy. They are also wonderfully neutral, which makes them complement other shades. 

With its calming and serene vibes, green is perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. 

Suggested brands and paint colors: 

  • Rain or Shine ROS-138 Lime
  • Boysen BCP-0754 Colleen Green
  • Boysen BM-0100 Green Thumb
  • Boysen 658 Emerald Green
  • Davies Sun & Rain SR-305 Green Tree

Warm Brown Hues

Brown Paint Color

People also desire to bring more warmth into their homes. Warm hues of brown are perfect for bringing energy into your home and making it feel homely and lively. Shades of brown are also connected to nature and its therapeutic properties. 

Soft and light hues of brown and beige usually inspire self-care and offer care to others, making them perfect colors for living rooms. These are also great choices for bedroom paint colors.

Suggested brands and paint colors:

  • Boysen BCT21-7813S But First, Coffee
  • Boysen BCP-245 Caramel Cloud
  • Davies Sun & Rain SR-911 Burger Brown
  • Sun and Rain ROS-965 Maple
  • Sun and Rain ROS-538 Safari Brown

Powder Blue, Lilac, and Cool Lavender

Lavender Paint Color Trends for 2023

The color of your home interior can affect your mood. This makes powder blue, lilac, and cool lavender one of the popular paint trends for 2023 because they promote optimism and calmness. These barely-there pastels add softness and balance to your interior space while supporting your physical and mental health.

Furthermore, these colors can highlight your furniture and accessories, making them the perfect colors for your living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

Suggested brands and paint colors: 

  • Davies Sun & Rain SR-209 Blue Moon
  • Boysen BCP-0624 Blue Pot
  • Rain or Shine ROS-389 Powder Blue
  • Davies Sun & Rain SR-215 Flirty Lavender
  • Rain or Shine ROS-309 Lavender, Boysen BCP-1296 Violet Beauty

Blush Toned Neutrals

Neutral Paint Color

Aside from reds, blushed-toned neutrals are in the paint color trends for 2023. These colors add gentleness and warmth to a home. Because of its versatility, you can pair it with a wide range of colors to bring out your personality in your home. 

Blushed-toned neutrals are perfect for any part of your home, be it your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or outdoor alfresco dining area. 

Suggested brands and paint colors: 

  • Davies Sun & Rain SR-509 Angel Blush
  • Boysen BSG-77 Iced Peach
  • Boysen BCP-1084 Go Go Pink
  • Rain or Shine ROS-175 Romance
  • Rain or Shine ROS-363 Angelina

All Tones of Red

Red Paint Color Trends for 2023

Energetic and bold reds will dominate 2023. These shades of red include cherry shades, berry tones, wine hues, and bold magentas. In addition, go for muted or darker tones if you want a less bright shade of red. 

Red is an empowering color, and it delivers delight. If you don’t plan on painting your entire room with this color, you can paint the focal point of your room with this to stand out. Red tones are also a good choice for your bedroom and foyer.

Suggested brands and paint colors:

  • Rain or Shine ROS-823 Vibrant Ruby
  • Rain or Shine ROS-393 Foxy
  • Boysen V-730 Sangria
  • Boysen BCT14-7704S Thimbleberry
  • Davies Sun & Rain SR-110 Mascot Red

Deep Navy and Black

Navy Blue Paint

Have deep navy and black walls and furnishings if you want to step outside of your comfort zone and add sophistication to your home. These darker tones will give more emphasis to certain areas of your home. It will also provide good contrast to light-colored elements in your house.

Despite their boldness, these colors are neutral and are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. 

Suggested brands and paint colors:

  • Rain or Shine ROS-301 Royal Blue
  • Rain or Shine ROS-111 Black
  • Davies Sun & Rain SR-203 King Cerulean
  • Boysen BCP-620 Star Studded
  • Boysen V-759 Fade Into the Night

Now that you know the paint color trends for 2023, what are you waiting for? Check out the suggested paints and shades, plan your new interior, and go shopping for paints. If you own an apartment for rent, give your space a new look and repaint your walls!

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