5 Classic Bedroom Paint Colors For Every Type of Person

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Are you planning on changing the color of your bedroom wall sooner or later? Check out the different timeless colors and choose which one best fits your personality and lifestyle.

Bedroom paint colors are every homeowner’s dilemma with all the varied options to choose from. They say that a bedroom reflects so much of the homeowner’s unique personality and the color comprises just one aspect of it.

Research tells that around one-third of our lives are spent in the bedroom sleeping for 7-9 hours every night. Also, add up to that the other activities done inside the bedroom i.e. reading a book, listening to or playing music, surfing the internet, etc. No wonder the bedroom is a very personal space in every home. Find out what are the colors that bring out the “you” in your bedroom regardless of age and gender.

Blissful BLUE

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Several studies and surveys showed that blue came up as first on the list of on-demand bedroom paint colors for people of all ages and gender. Blue has always been assumed as the color that brings about peace and serenity. Though it is often referred to as a “boy’s color,” it is not particularly gender-confined. Children and teens can choose a lighter or brighter shade of blue that’ll express their upbeat personalities. For adults, the navy blue color is a perfect choice when it comes to ease in maintenance and at the same time achieve a more sophisticated feel.

Go, Grow GREEN

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This color is not just limited to those who love the luscious greens of nature. It is believed to also offer the same calming effect as the color blue thus linked to improvements in academic performance. Statistics revealed that those with ages 50 and younger are the common users of this color with all the different variations and shades it offers. These shades range from jade perfect for that young lady, while teal fits that sporty young male perfectly. For the master’s bedroom, one way to accentuate it is using the color pine green.


Lilac bedroom
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Purple is popular for people aged 19 to 69 according to some studies and believed to induce sleep. It is perfect for those who are looking for a little sophistication on their bedrooms but would still prefer having that cooler tone. Symbolizing the royal color, purple is commonly chosen for female bedrooms. But it can be just the right color, too, for a male’s bedroom given the right strength of the chroma. The chroma is the measure of intensity, purity, and saturation of a particular color. Kids will also adore having that tinge of purple in their bedrooms a la “Barney the Dinosaur.”

Ravishing RED

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Red may not be everyone’s bedroom paint color favorite especially to those who are 70 years old and above. It is a bright color regardless of its hues and belongs to the warmer tone set. Believed to increase someone’s appetite, red is popularly used in food and restaurant branding. For young, energetic males red can be a perfect choice for the bedroom. But it is also well-suited to anyone who is just as energetic and adventurous. Its vibrant color speaks so much of the bedroom owner’s zest in life. For women, it represents as a very powerful color. Alpha females can go for this bedroom color and display that bold red not just on their red shoes, red nails, or red dress.

Wonder WHITE

Bunk Bedroom
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White evokes either that sensation of elegance or lack of appeal. But in general, it allows flexibility when it comes to interior designing. Those who will prefer this type of bedroom color can explore different styles, designs, shapes, and other colors for their bedroom decorations and bric-a-bracs. It’s not even limited to just the bedroom decorations but they can also play around with colors for their bed covers and even with the furniture. The only downside is that the color white loses its flawlessness through time. But, a simple recoat can do the trick in bringing back its elegance.

These five choices for bedroom paint colors are timeless colors that don’t follow a particular trend. If your preferred bedroom color is not on this list, let your personality and lifestyle speak out by exploring more bedroom colors that best define you. Just always keep in mind that the more personalized your bedroom is, that’s when you will feel more at home.


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