7 Home Design Tips Using Pantone Color of the Year 2023, Viva Magenta

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Make way for Viva Magenta or PANTONE 18-1750, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2023. This year’s Color of the Year exudes feelings of vigor, power, and empowerment. Rooted in nature descending from the family of red, the 2023 Color of the Year is inspired by cochineal dyes from insects used since the early Second Century BC to imbue rich red hues.

Viva Magenta is brave, fearless, and at the same time, joyous and optimistic. This color will not only add a pop of bold color to your home but also evoke feelings of courage! Whether you’re looking to add renovations to increase your property’s value or to jump on the new color trend, you can always incorporate the Color of the Year into your home.

Bring these qualities into your home by incorporating this color into your home design with these tips:

Use Viva Magenta in Your Accent Wall

Viva Magenta home design tips

Paint a section of your wall with Viva Magenta and let this be the focal point of your home. You can also place picture frames and other wall decorations on this wall. If you do not feel like painting an entire wall with the color, you can also hang paintings, frames, and other wall decorations with the Pantone Color of the Year 2023 to give life to your walls. You can also place magenta-colored flowers (artificial or natural) on a table and set them on your wall. 

Decorate Your Sofa With Throw Pillows

Make your sofa feel more inviting by adding Viva Magenta-colored throw pillows. Even if your sofa has a muted color, this accessory adds vibrancy and a pop of color. However, your throw pillows in magenta should not necessarily be bold and plain. You can also choose printed throw pillow covers featuring the Pantone Color of the Year 2023.

Add a Viva Magenta Rug

If you want to add more class to your home, lay down a magenta-colored carpet. In an instant, your living room will be more vibrant and posh. Carpets keep your home cozy and can also be a comfortable place where you and your guests can sit, play, or work. 

Accessorize Your Bed

Viva Magenta bedroom design tup

Level up your bedroom by adding Viva Magenta-colored bed linens. You can use magenta pillowcases, blankets, throws, or a duvet cover paired with a lighter shade to keep the balance. Making your bed can be added work, especially if you are going to unmake it again when you sleep in the evening. However, doing so will make your bed neat and make your bedroom feel more inviting. Seeing your bed organized will motivate you to keep conquering all your to-dos for the day. 

Place Viva Magenta Kitchen Towels

Hang magenta-colored kitchen towels to give your kitchen a pop of color. Not only do these give your space a new look, but they are also functional. Just make sure to properly label each towel so that it will be used for its intended purpose.

Hang Viva Magenta Curtains

Add a touch of crimson red to your home by hanging Viva Magenta curtains on your windows. You can pair your curtains with curtain ties in hues of white, nude, yellow, blue, teal, gold, silver, or copper. Dark colors like magenta work well in spacious interiors and high-ceiling rooms as it helps visually shrink the space to make it cozier. It also exudes a sense of drama and elegance into your room. 

Use Magenta-Colored Placemats

A well-planned table setup is sure to make any gathering more special, even for casual dining. In your table setting elements, switch up your placemats and add magenta-colored placemats. The good thing about placemats is that you can choose their color and texture, which can add more life to your table. 

Viva Magenta is a color you will love to include in your home decor. This color goes well with both warm and cool tones. As a shade of red, it adds drama and liveliness to your home’s interior. Use these tips to give your space a brand new look to welcome the new year.

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