OFWs Can Own a Unit at This Condo While Abroad! Here’s How

Technology has been a constant companion for our modern-day heroes, the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Away from their homeland, they use tech to catch up with loved ones, find entertainment, or even make a big-ticket purchase, like a new home. 

If you’re looking for the condo of your dreams, know that the internet has changed the buying process forever and for the better. Here’s how you can proceed with your digital house hunt: 

Connect with Developers Online 

A digitally active company can quickly respond to your inquiries about a specific unit. Future-focused developers like AMA Land Inc use different online platforms to showcase properties and connect with their target market.

Reflecting the innovativeness of mentioned developers is their newest condo project, the AMA Tower Residences. It’s the tallest residential tower in EDSA-Ortigas, strikingly beautiful with its contemporary design and gracious amenities. One of the condo’s unique selling points is Wi-Fi connectivity on all floors, which reinforces the importance of tech in our lives, particularly for OFWs and their families.

Prepare Your Wishlist

AMA Tower Residences - Fitness Center
Stay active with your family at the fitness center of AMA Tower Residences

We know just how exciting it is to buy a new condo home. But make sure you have it all figured out by creating a home-buying wishlist. This will organize your thoughts and emphasize features that truly matter to you.

On your list, you can break down your requirements into two parts: needs and wants. For your needs, include non-negotiable features or those that work for the kind of lifestyle you have right now. For the wants, these may include amenities that aren’t must-haves but can be valuable in the future. 

Find a Positive Home Environment 

AMA Tower Residences - Facade
Have everything within your reach when you live at AMA Tower Residences – Actual Photo

Changing your life for the better can be approached in different ways. For one, you can change your environment and let it transform the way you live. This is why the location and the design of your condo home are crucial. 

AMA Tower Residences, for instance, is near multiple business districts, including Ortigas Center, Makati CBD, Eastwood City, and Araneta City. Having these landmarks nearby supports career development and personal growth.

Further, the condo offers highly customizable units. These include loft-type and bi-level residences, offering the delineation needed to separate areas for living, working, and resting. Some of these units are available with a balcony, accommodating the growing demand for open space and access to nature.

The 34-storey condo development also offers standard units (studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom) measuring approximately 20 to 54 square meters. 

Choose an RFO Condo Project

AMA Tower Residences - Actual Photo of Unit
Play with colors and depth when you design your condo unit at AMA Tower Residences – Actual Photo

Perhaps the biggest benefit of choosing a ready-for-occupancy (RFO) condo is that you won’t have to wait for years to move in. As soon as you have settled the initial payments and documents needed, you can enjoy the comfort of your new home. 

During the buying process, you can also have the RFO unit inspected since it’s already constructed. Your loved ones can visit the unit and share their insights regarding the location, amenities, and building features. 

At AMA Tower Residences, they can envision themselves living in a spacious unit and enjoying every leisure possibility in the amenity area. Inside the condo, there’s a fitness center, jacuzzi, multi-purpose hall, adult and kiddie pools, and specialty shops and concept stores.

Appoint a Representative to Buy a Unit

OFW buyers usually have a designated person (also called an attorney-in-fact) who will handle transactions on their behalf. When going down this route, choose someone you can trust in dealing with the financial and legal aspects of the process. 

To make it official, you must have a notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA). An immediate family member becomes an attorney-in-fact when you both sign the SPA and have it approved by the Phillippine consulate. Your appointed representative can handle the reservation process and complete the documents needed to secure the purchase. 

These steps are relatively easy to follow in today’s digitally-enabled world. Use tech to your advantage and choose a unit wisely.

Explore your options at AMA Tower Residences today.


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