This Premium Condo Shows Off 4 Innovations in High-Rise Living

Condo projects are not what they used to be. In Metro Manila alone, these developments are continually evolving, prompted by the fast-paced lifestyle and accelerated technology adoption. 

Many developers are now using new strategies and home technologies in a race to build the most innovative condos. Among these firms is Picar Development Inc., standing out with its condo project along EDSA-Ortigas, the AMA Tower Residences.

The developer’s commitment to building projects with the latest technology, world-class aesthetics, and high-level functionality allows it to share its vision of an elevated living experience. 

At AMA Tower Residences, you can further enhance what’s already working in your life and discover exciting opportunities. All thanks to its ultramodern features:

Uninterrupted Internet Connectivity 

Ask someone to create a list of life’s essentials, and the internet will most likely be on the list. It’s a source of information, a social platform, and a business network all at the same time. People are now heavily dependent on the internet that it makes so much sense for AMA Tower Residences to offer it generously. 

The 34-storey condo provides WiFi access on all floors. Hence, everywhere in this modern home is a WiFi zone. You can always say hi to family and friends and goodbye to internet issues that hurt work-from-home productivity.

Elevated Condo Living for All

A bi-level unit at AMA Tower Residences has clearly defined areas for a work-live-play lifestyle – Artist’s Illustration

AMA Tower Residences has a wide selection of unit types and cuts, making it an ideal home regardless of your goals or where you are in life. 

A single millennial looking to run a home business? Consider a loft-type or bi-level unit to have clear boundaries for work and relaxation. Building a family and seeking a bigger space? Go for a two-bedroom unit measuring 52 to 69 square meters. 

For downsizers and fans of compact or minimalist living, there are also ergonomically-designed studio and one-bedroom units available at AMA Tower Residences. 

After choosing the right unit size and layout comes the best part: designing your condo property. Units at AMA Tower Residences are highly customizable and adaptable; you can create your own piece of paradise or a stylish Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) unit. You’re free to design the unit to be more flexible and versatile, further increasing its usability in the coming years. 

Traffic-Free Metropolitan Living 

Living in a city without dealing with traffic seems impossible—until you have your own SOHO unit at AMA Tower Residences. This kind of property rewards you with reduced commuting, which, in turn, leads to reduced stress. 

Depending on the unit type or size you get, you can combine work and leisure areas, such as a meeting room for clients, a TV lounge, and a hobby room. 

As a mixed-use condo project, AMA Tower Residences also features a commercial strip where you can shop for necessities and more. A range of recreational amenities is likewise available, making the development a nurturing community. Socialize, get active, and have fun in the pools, jacuzzi, fitness center, and landscaped areas.

Location-wise, AMA Tower Residences is within walking distance from prominent establishments. For example, corporate offices along ADB Avenue can be reached in less than 15 minutes by foot. Supermarkets, malls, and hotels are also easily accessible. Even sought-after schools like Saint Pedro Poveda College and La Salle Green Hills are roughly 10 minutes away. 

Commercial Spaces in a Highly Profitable Location 

The prestigious address of AMA Tower Residences can help boost the visibility and credibility of your future business – Artist’s Illustration

If you happen to be looking not just for a home but also a way to diversify your investment portfolio, AMA Tower Residences still fits the bill. The mixed-use condo offers commercial spaces where one can easily build a solid customer base. This is possible by taking advantage of the area’s high foot traffic and desirable market segments. 

The commercial spaces can also be leased out, ideal for those seeking passive money-making strategies. A unit here is less likely to suffer from long-term vacancies because of its prime location. Potential tenants may include owners of upscale retail shops, concept stores, and businesses in the service sector.

All these features create an environment where you can live in style and innovation. Be ready for the future and be ready for more by securing a unit at AMA Tower Residences.


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