A SOHO Property Perfect for Millennials with Home-Based Jobs

Nearly 50% of over 66 million Filipino workers fall under the millennial generation, according to a 2020 local study. This indicates millennials’ strong presence in the Philippine economy, including the property market. 

If you’re a millennial, you already know this generation thrives in a highly connected environment. WiFi is a must for their tech-driven lifestyle, and a city home is often preferred so they’re near various career and leisure opportunities. 

Because of their hardworking nature and tech-savviness, many millennials have taken up remote jobs, reinforcing this generation’s culture of being connected and maintaining independence. This also led to Small Office, Home Office (SOHO) units being viewed as millennial-friendly properties. 

AMA Tower Residences in Mandaluyong City is one of the premium condo projects accommodating the exact needs of millennials. The well-designed, customizable units here can be used as either homes or offices (or both). 

No more choosing between a home and an office space. Here’s why a unit at AMA Tower Residences is a perfect fit for your millennial lifestyle: 

Unmatched Connectedness

Feel immediately relaxed once you step into AMA Tower Residences’ welcoming lobby – Actual Photo

AMA Tower Residences comprises 34 floors, each with WiFi access, so residents can roam anywhere within the condo without being removed from the network. Hence, making it as a techie millennial would be easy in this development. 

Imagine accessing all the information you need for work or business and completing tasks with much less hassle. These could later translate into higher productivity and earnings. 

Another way AMA Tower Residences showcases connectivity is through its prime location. The project stands along EDSA-Ortigas, connecting millennial residents to popular hangout spots in the metro. The condominium is also near the business districts of Ortigas Center, Makati, Araneta Center, and Eastwood, so building and connecting with networks would be easier. 

Customized Condo Living

Having your own SOHO property is possible when you reside at AMA Tower Residences. It offers units that give residents a choice in the final appearance of their property. 

AMA Tower Residences has studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, loft, and bi-level units that can accommodate every millennial goal and need there is. These units measure 27 to 63 square meters, spacious enough to combine your living space and work area. 

For a property with clear boundaries between work and personal life, consider a loft-type, bi-level, or two-bedroom unit, which may also come with a balcony.

Better Time Management 

With your own home office at AMA Tower Residences, you can finally save time by not having to travel to and from work. You can use this extra time to take enough breaks or structure your entire day. 

Working from home also creates opportunities to improve your health habits. Your commute time becomes whatever you want it to be. You can cook healthy food for lunch, take a walk before work, or read a chapter of your favorite book. Any form of self-care could help you perform your best at work. 

Live-Work-Play Lifestyle 2.0

Spend time at the pool of AMA Tower Residences for a lifestyle that improves health and leisure – Actual Photo

Live-work-play communities are mixed-use developments like AMA Tower Residences, which bring everything together to provide a higher quality of life. In one place, you can find social spaces, recreational opportunities, and a home to love.

Taking the live-work-play concept to the next level, AMA Tower Residences proudly offers its flexible units. These are expected to become part of the millennials’ future, where work-from-home setups will likely continue. 

In the long run, residents at AMA Tower Residences can seamlessly integrate personal and career goals into their day-to-day activities, allowing them to have enriching lives.

Of course, a live-work-play community won’t be complete without a rich roster of amenities. AMA Tower Residences has adult and kiddie pools with a man-made fountain, landscaped areas, and a jacuzzi for resort-style relaxation. Amenities that support work and wellness are also available, including a multi-purpose hall and a fitness center. 

Further, the condo project features specialty shops and concept stores, so you can have car-free access to essentials and more. Truly, it’s a self-sustaining environment where you can ease out of long commutes, focus on your goals, and have more time for yourself and loved ones. 

The work-from-home setup is here to stay, and it positions SOHO units in a mixed-use condo as the next best asset to own.

Find yours at AMA Tower Residences by checking out its development page on Lamudi.


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