7 Best Places for Farm Tours in the Philippines

When it comes to tours and adventures in the Philippines, often you would think of going to the beach, hiking, camping, spelunking, or even driving an ATV across the jungle. However, have you ever thought of touring a farm in the Philippines?

Farm tourism or agritourism is a kind of business that aims to attract tourists to farm areas for educational and recreational purposes, bringing more economic activities and profit to the farm and the community where it is located. Activities on farm tours include tending to farm animals, planting, harvesting, and processing farm products.

Aside from the experience, some farms also feature attractions, activities, services, and other amenities for the enjoyment of the tourists. In other words, agritourism is not only about showing the beauty of nature and the value of farming. It also promotes the rural and less developed areas in the Philippines. 

As an agricultural country, there are over 100 farm tours in the Philippines, which is still growing. If you want to escape the fast-paced urban life in the city, here are the farm sites you can visit and gain a firsthand experience of what it feels like to live and work on the farm.

Flower farm in the Philippines
Photo by Joel Panganiban on Unsplash

Yamang Bukid Farm, Palawan

Address: Brgy. Bacungan, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Aside from stunning beaches and diverse marine life, Palawan also has other destinations worth visiting. Dubbed as the “first agritourism destination in Puerto Princesa,” Yamang Bukid Farm is a secluded 1.2-hectare agricultural paradise in the rocky and mountainous area of Barangay Bacungan. Initially, the farm’s purpose was to be a turmeric plantation. As time went by, this farm became a place to unwind for locals and tourists who wanted to escape the mundane life of the city. Around 5,000 people visit this farm tour every day. 

Yamang Bukid Farm is also home to wild and endemic animals and insects in Puerto Princesa, including hawks, hornbills, squirrels, butterflies, bees, and dragonflies. Aside from observing nature and eating at the restaurant, you can also camp here as the farm continues to expand and develop the space for the enjoyment of the tourists.

Northern Blossom Flower Farm, Benguet

Address: Brgy. Sayanagan, Atok, Benguet

If you love flowers, don’t forget to visit Northern Blossom Flower Farm. This farm in the Philippines spans two hectares and offers breathtaking views of the mountains. Northern Blossom Flower Farm also boasts various flowers such as marigolds, sunflowers, delphinium, roses, and more. In fact, some tourists and locals liken the farm to flower fields in Japan or South Korea during spring. With its unique and romantic atmosphere, the farm is a frequent location for wedding and debut photo shoots. 

Northern Blossom Flower Farm has also been featured in numerous local TV shows, which helped in its rise in popularity among tourists. This farm is nine hours away from Metro Manila and two hours from Baguio City. 

Alameda Farm, Surigao del Sur

Address: Hamburger Hills, Gata, San Agustin, Surigao del Sur

See the beauty of mother nature at its best at Alameda Farm. This 10-hectare farm has a wide variety of fauna and organic flora. It also has numerous panoramic viewing decks to observe the unobstructed tropical rainforest and the Britannia Island coastlines.

Upon arriving at Alameda Farm, you can rent one of the cottages in the area to eat lunch or rest. For those who are up for some thrilling activities, try Sky Biking, ride an ATV, or go on a ziplining experience. On the other hand, relax and take a dip in a Kawa hot bath, a Filipino take on the contemporary jacuzzi. To make the most of your stay at Alameda Farm, you may also consider staying here overnight and renting one of their Nipa cabins, outdoor pavilions, or tents. 

Winaca Eco-Cultural Village, Benguet

Address: Winaca Village, Caponga, Tublay, Benguet

Another not to miss farm in the Philippines is this 42-hectare private farm in Benguet, perfect for adventure seekers. The Winaca Eco-Cultural Village is filled with pine trees and surrounded by the fantastic landscape of the Cordilleras. It also houses numerous Cordilleran houses such as Benguet-Bakun Hous and Sagada House.

This farm is also the perfect place to satisfy your hunger for adventure. Activities such as climbing, rappelling, zip-lining, horseback riding, and mud sliding are offered here. If you prefer a relaxing way to experience nature, their Eco trail has got you covered. As you take the trail, you will see the centuries-old trees, giant ferns, anthurium flowers, and coffee plants. Overnight stays are also possible in Winaca Eco-Cultural Village. This farm is also an ideal venue for large events such as team building, reunions, and weddings. 

Alomah’s Place and Nature Farm, Bukidnon

Address: Brgy. Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

Only one hour and thirty minutes away from Cagayan de Oro City, Alomah’s Place and Nature Farm near Dahilayan Adventure Park is another farm tour you should try in Mindanao. This farm offers varieties of naturally grown lettuce, medicinal and culinary herbs, ornamental plants, salads, vinaigrette dressings, and more! 

Alomah’s Place and Nature Farm is perfect for groups of families and friends. Some of the services they offer include horseback riding, guided farm tours, venues for training and seminars, retreats and recollections, and camping. If you are planning to host a team-building activity for your company, consider having it on this farm in the Philippines. 

The Weekend Farmer, Cavite

Address: Kaysuyo Road, Kaytitinga, Alfonso, Cavite

Eat what you pick! This is one of the amazing experiences The Weekend Farmer in Alfonso, Cavite offers. This farm, perfect for relaxing staycations and weekend getaways, offers a taste of rural life. They have kubo lofts and kubo rooms where you can stay. There are guided tours inside the farm, where you can see the craft beer brewery, bee shelter, vermiculture, and propagating mushrooms. You can also harvest fruits and vegetables on the farm, eat them with loved ones or bring them home after your stay.

During your stay, enjoy complimentary breakfast and afternoon snacks. You can also order lunch and dinner. The Weekend Farmer also has craft beers you can sample. In addition, this farm has spacious grounds with hammocks and a giant Sungka you can use. Other activities you can do during your stay include playing sports, doing yoga, taking photos, and lighting a bonfire.

Costales Nature Farms, Laguna

Address: Brgy. Gagalot, Majayay, Laguna

Costales Nature Farms should not be missed on the list of must-experience farm tours in the Philippines. This farm in Laguna is perfect for relaxation, especially if you are tired of the fast-paced life in the Metro. Costales Nature Farms offers a guided tour where you will learn the technologies they use on the farm. You will also get to see the animals they raise on the farm, such as free-range chickens, rabbits, and native pigs. Here, you can harvest lettuce, make your salad, and make your tea. Another not to miss activity here is fishing, best done in the morning.

For food enthusiasts, enjoy a unique farm-to-plate dining experience at Costales Nature Farms. Take a bite from their fresh, healthy, and delicious meals like various pork-based dishes made from organic pork.

Explore the Best Farms in the Philippines on a Farm Tour

With more people desiring to be closer to nature, it is without a doubt true that the popularity of farm tours is accelerating. If you want to take advantage of this trend, consider buying one of the farms for sale in the Philippines and developing it into a farm where tourists want to visit, stay, and enjoy.

Farm lots for sale in the Philippines come in various shapes and sizes. You can purchase ones with at least 350 square meters, while some are hundreds of hectares. Starting your farm not only helps preserve nature and bring more food to the table but also promotes the location of your farm and provides work opportunities to the locals there. Moreover, this investment allows you to profit and provide more services for the tourists who want to experience rural living at its best.


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