National Heroes’ Day: Appreciating Everyday Heroes

National Heroes’ Day is a regular national holiday in the Philippines that celebrates the bravery of the Filipinos who fought for the country’s freedom. These national heroes exhibited exemplary characteristics that helped them achieve individual goals, eventually leading to the Philippines’ independence. Many Filipinos continue to look up to these heroes, helping them discover their heroic traits. 

In our daily lives, some people help make our day fun and convenient without us realizing it. Aside from teachers as our modern-day heroes, these people display heroic characteristics that help them remain consistent in what they do. This National Heroes’ Day, let’s take some time to appreciate these everyday heroes. 


We often overlook how challenging it is to deliver accurate news on time daily. Most of us are more dependent on news than we realize. Those who must commute or travel from home to work, school, or other important, regular destinations often look for traffic updates before leaving to assess their travel time. Many people also tune in to the news to check the latest weather update, which is necessary for a tropical country like the Philippines

With all these people waiting for credible news updates daily, journalists have a responsibility that they can only carry out by exhibiting heroic characteristics like Andres Bonifacio’s diligence and dedication. 


Art and music may seem like trivial things in people’s daily lives. However, they are what remind people about the beauty of living. Despite the issues, artists continue to do their craft and deliver inspiring output. These motivate people to continue moving forward no matter the hardships they face. 

Some artists paint murals near commercial areas and real estate hotspots to improve the neighborhood’s ambiance. These murals boost the morale of those passing by, offering a small change of scenery in a busy district. Various artists also use their talents to express important messages on different issues, inspiring others to take an active role. Like Juan Luna, who used art as a form of rebellion, and Dr. Jose Rizal, who was so passionate about his craft, artists also deserve appreciation as everyday heroes. 

Service Workers

Service workers like cleaners, food service workers, medical and healthcare aids, and workers in the beauty industry are among the people that make our daily lives convenient. Through sanitary workers, it is easier for owners to maintain their property. With sanitary workers’ dedication, people can enjoy clean neighborhoods and experience fewer home maintenance issues. People can also use building facilities without worrying much about hygienic measures. 

Dining out has become an effective way to unwind after a stressful day or bond with family and friends. It provides people with enjoyable experiences thanks to the services offered by food service workers. This is especially important to those living in condominiums and dormitories who often eat at restaurants near their home. Service workers provide us with a chance to pamper ourselves and experience our daily life with more convenience. Like Apolinario Mabini, service workers display heroic characteristics such as dedication and willingness to serve. 

Sundry Store Vendors

We Filipinos are so used to sundry store or sari-sari store vendors that we often overlook how they make our daily lives more convenient. One of the unique customs in the Philippines is buying ‘tingi’. Tingi means buying or selling daily necessities like toiletries, condiments, and other items in small amounts. Because of the tingi culture, it has become common for residential subdivisions to have sari-sari stores where residents can quickly buy their needs once they run out of supply. 

This is especially helpful for those who suddenly need to buy something while they’re in the middle of doing chores. Like Melchora Aquino, who became a refuge for the wounded revolutionaries, sari-sari store vendors wake up early every day to sell products for residents on a budget. Having a nearby sari-sari store also assures that you can get what you need at the last minute.


Waking up each day to face new challenges takes courage. Like Gabriela Silang, everyone tries their best to overcome struggles by taking the initiative to make things happen. Despite all the adversaries, the fact that you choose to move forward and go above and beyond to achieve your goals only shows that you have a heroic character. Of course, that deserves appreciation, too! You are your own everyday hero, and you should be proud of that.

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