7 Reasons Why Filipino Teachers Are Our Unsung Heroes

The Philippines had several prominent heroes and most names appeared in history books. All names were listed down, along with the heroes’ good deeds for their compatriots. But, wouldn’t you agree teachers deserve the hero title too? Now that we’re celebrating National Teachers’ Month, let’s give our teachers the recognition they deserve.

Simple Sacrifices for the Country

Most Filipinos must have heard of Dr. Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio and Apolinari Mabini. The celebrated heroes fought for the country’s independence. Heroes, however, need not risk their lives to claim the title.

With simple actions, such as teaching the children with a bright future ahead of them, anyone shows heroism. A true hero would make sacrifices for their country, no matter how big or small.

A hero would love to help those in need, just as teachers want to unlock their students’ full potential. Someday, they wish the students they have taught for many years will become successful in whatever path they chose to take.

All Heroes Have Different Circumstances But Similar Deeds

Teachers have always been the second parents of all children. Teachers who are homeowners themselves have to work twice as hard, being a responsible parent to their own kids while caring for their students as well.

Instructors also offer shelter to students even though they are not related by blood. Teachers and all heroes alike have natural care for all citizens and they do what they deem as good and appropriate. However, unlike Bonifacio and Rizal, no specific names represent the teachers’ good deeds. Teachers are the unsung heroes of the Philippines and do not share the same recognition level as famous heroes.

They deserve recognition for the following reasons:

  1. Some teachers travel miles away to reach their students and educate them even without pay.
  2. Professors treat their students not merely as students but as children of their own. They want to nurture young learners serving as a bridge to a bright future.
  3. Instructors go beyond the foundation of educating the students. Some teachers think of several initiatives to help students experience learning not only verbally and encourage them in applying their knowledge first hand. They suggest going to field trips, making visual power points, encouraging the students to do a particular task in relation to the topic, or helping them apply what they have learned so far.
  4. Professors also act as councilors students can consult when personal problems arise.
  5. The children’s second parents also teach discipline. They teach children to abide by school rules. No parents want their precious kids going the wrong way. It will affect the students’ future, and teachers do their best not to let any of that happen.
  6. Instructors go beyond just teaching. They spend their personal money on teaching materials and student rewards.
  7. The Philippines has so many talented educators, willing to go above and beyond their duties inside the classroom. Their services deserve recognition this National Teachers Month, but when did this celebration start?

The idea came from a small group simply wanting to thank the Filipino teachers for their hard work. In 2008, the government recognized the movement and it became more widely celebrated.

Philippine Government Encourages Teachers to Stay in the Country

The government does its best for the educators; however, some teachers go abroad due to low pay or other personal reasons. Now, which path does DepEd go to convince the teachers to stay in the Philippines?

According to deped.gov.ph, DepEd continuously explores the good welfare of public school teachers, giving the professionals a constant salary increase since 1989, and additional compensation and benefits. They are given 15-25% of the basic salary for hardship allowance and a maximum of 25% of the basic salary in reward for teaching overload. This is to encourage the teachers to educate learners in the country.

Most teaching professionals would not have to leave the country if granted the best terms for salary and benefits. For the instructors’ dedication and hard work, the Philippine government must have something more up their sleeves.


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