This Residential Resort Community Lets You Live in Harmony with Nature in 5 Ways

Leading an eco-positive life, you can contribute to a more sustainable future for the coming generations. This lifestyle is also about improving your own health and wellness and becoming a responsible steward of the planet.

Like many things in life, living in harmony with nature can start at home. This is especially true if your residence takes architectural cues from nature—a tropical paradise that strengthens your connection to the environment. 

In Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, there’s a development where it’s possible to live life to the fullest while caring for the environment. At Tambuli Seaside Living, nature is your source of inspiration and your playground.

The community is designed to help you go green in the following ways: 

Embrace Sustainable Mobility

Start your journey to living more sustainably at Tambuli Seaside Living – Actual Photo

Tambuli Seaside Living is strategically located in Lapu-Lapu, one of the top cities to watch, according to Lamudi’s Hotspots Unwrapped. The city recently became more popular and accessible due to infrastructure improvements. It’s also touted as an alternative commercial hub in Metro Cebu because of several integrated developments rising in the city. 

Tambuli Seaside Living is one of these developments, a residential resort community where you can embrace active transportation. On some days, you may choose not to drive and just take the local transport system or bike your way to nearby prominent destinations.

The residential resort community is near Mactan Newtown, Gaisano Grand Mall, Mactan Doctors’ Hospital, Osmeña Bridge, Mactan-Cebu International Airport, and the central business district of Metro Cebu. 

Cut Energy Use

Reducing your energy consumption decreases your fossil fuel dependency, which, in turn, helps lower the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. At Tambuli Seaside Living, you can have a breezy and well-lit home without using too much electricity. 

All units in this condo have a balcony, which allows natural light and fresh air into the space. At the same time, this open area rewards unit owners with unobstructed views of the sea.

Live Amid Natural Flora

On your balcony at Tambuli Seaside Living, you can have a garden and use it as a gateway to reconnect with nature. If you intend to grow your own herb and vegetable garden, you also get the benefits of indulging in the fresh air outdoors and getting a nutritious harvest.

Further, the developer made sure that Tambuli Seaside Living features a design where trees and natural fauna are preserved. It’s indeed a place where you can be constantly exposed to nature and live in harmony with it. 

For a more inspiring eco-home, you can also have houseplants and flowers in your unit to cheer you up every day. Planting them adds visual appeal to your space and enhances its overall mood.

Engage in Outdoor Activities

Relieve your stress and get a dose of sunshine at the pool area of Tambuli Seaside Living – Actual Photo

Going on an outdoor adventure promotes relationships with nature. Essentially, it introduces people to their surroundings while helping them appreciate the value of nature. At the same time, a simple stay outdoors can do wonders for one’s mental and emotional health. 

At Tambuli Seaside Living, you’ll find spaces where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and strengthen your connection with it. The development has a 4-hectare central amenity area with resort-inspired facilities. 

These include a Modern Asian clubhouse, a lagoon-type swimming pool with bar, a lap pool with a kiddie pool, a resort spa, golf carts, mini waterfalls, and a deck by the sea, among many others.

Showcasing a 200-meter wide beachfront, Tambuli Seaside Living also brings vacation feels into your everyday life. Its fine, powdery white sand evokes memories of being on a beach, while the huge, captivating trees scattered throughout the development add to its paradise look and feel. 

Tytans Properties & Development, Inc., the developer behind Tambuli Seaside Living, has committed itself to creating a tranquil seaside community by preserving its lush surroundings. In this way, the firm acts as a conscious caretaker of the environment, enabling future dwellers to be eco-friendly as well. 

Enjoy Nature with Loved Ones

Residing at Tambuli Seaside Living naturally encourages you to spend more time with loved ones. The community has studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units where residents can create a home with well-defined spaces for everyone. These units are bigger than typical condo properties, so there’s ample space for family and friends to create lasting memories. 

Also, with the various leisure options at Tambuli Seaside Living, you and your family could be more invested in nature-oriented activities.

The development offers semi-furnished units that are ready for occupancy. Upon paying 10% of the total contract price and getting approval from an accredited bank, you can move in and enjoy your new home and the leisure facilities available. 

Ultimately, you get to witness nature in its glory and adopt a greener lifestyle. 

Learn more about Tambuli Seaside Living through this link


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