How Businesses Can Thrive Using the Human-Centric Hybrid Work Approach

Hybrid working took the world by storm because it offers what employees want: the freedom to work in ways that are most effective for them. Business operations, meanwhile, are undergoing positive changes as employees perform better and retention rates increase. 

To effectively implement a hybrid work setup requires focusing beyond location. It’s about adapting a human-centric model, wherein employees are treated as people, not workers. Companies are likewise encouraged to provide an exceptional life, not just work experience. 


Learn how to create a positive work environment with the human-centric hybrid approach.

What is Human-Centric Hybrid Model? 

A research study from Gartner revealed the two common hybrid models followed around the world: location-centric and human-centric. Findings showed that the latter is wildly successful.

The human-centric hybrid approach offers location flexibility, but it doesn’t stop there. Under this model, employees and leaders also engage in intentional collaboration and empathy-based management. 

Simply put, the human-centric hybrid model paves the way for people-first businesses. They’re rooted in employee well-being, encouraging and enabling work-life balance.

Being a People-First Workplace Increases Bottomline 

By prioritizing employees, productivity and excellent performance come naturally. This is why a human-centric hybrid setup is considered the ideal model to elevate the employee experience.

With better productivity and performance also comes increased business profits. Here’s a closer look at how the human-centric hybrid model can launch your business into success:

Keep Dispersed Teams Happy 

A well-executed hybrid setup can bring cohesion to dispersed teams by giving them independence while encouraging in-person collaboration. Employees can keep their reduced commuting time by having a highly accessible office space or co-working space within a 15-minute drive or a short walk or bike ride.

Private office rentals from Regus Philippines are excellent examples of workspaces that enable companies of all sizes to work however they need. Location-wise, they enable employees and leaders to work closer to home, clients, and new business opportunities.

Retain the Best Talent 

Switching and fully committing to a human-centric hybrid model means trusting that your employees will do the jobs they were hired for, no matter where they choose to work. By showing confidence in your team, you inspire them to rise to the occasion. 

At the same time, you can practice empathy-based management, which encourages collective responsibility and makes employees feel sure of themselves. 

Reduce “Productivity Theater” 

Productivity theater refers to situations where employees feel the need to look busy rather than focus on their jobs. This can be eliminated by a hybrid model that allows for asynchronous work, giving employees the freedom to accomplish tasks at a time that suits them.

When they don’t have a home environment conducive to productivity, you can ask them to work at the headquarters or a co-working space that allows socializing and strategizing.

Optimizing the Hybrid Work Experience 

Be inspired at this light-filled workspace operated by Regus Philippines at Park Centrale Building, Cebu (Actual Photo).

Knowing how transformative the human-centric hybrid model is, businesses are looking for office spaces that support this work approach. Office rentals from Regus Philippines are worth considering for their flexibility and location. 

Known for its commitment to helping businesses find the right way to work, Regus Philippines has a network of workspaces where the hybrid setup can be implemented in a frictionless way. This includes the following:

  • Serviced Office Spaces: These offices come fully serviced, so you can put your people first without distractions. The workspaces also have access to meeting rooms and break-out rooms for intentional collaboration. 
  • Co-working Spaces: Located in transit-oriented and thriving business districts, Regus co-working spaces help maximize productivity and increase job performance. Giving your employees access to a local co-working space also enables them to engage in networking events and foster collaboration with peers.
  • Virtual Offices: For some businesses that are fully remote, hybrid, or distributed, setting up a virtual office could be a more practical approach. Regus facilities are equipped for this unique need, offering business addresses in prime locations, plus access to meeting rooms and desk space whenever needed. 

Embracing the hybrid revolution requires finding an infrastructure for a happier, healthier, and united workforce. Discover how the flexible office spaces of Regus Philippines can optimize your hybrid working experience.



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