Bring More to Paradise: Lifestyle Businesses You Can Pioneer in Balabac Islands, Palawan

The world recognizes Palawan as one of the best destinations in the Philippines. Well-traveled tourists who have visited Puerto Princesa, El Nido, and Coron numerous times may think these destinations are too familiar. Does Palawan have something new to offer? Definitely!

Offering a raw island experience, Balabac is poised to be the next tourism hub of Palawan. At present, it takes about 6 hours of land, and sea travel to reach Balabac from Puerto Princesa. With three airports near the area to be operational as early as 2026, tourists will likely line up to experience what this paradise has to offer.

If you are an entrepreneur or planning to be one, learning about Balabac Islands’ future probably got you thinking about starting a business in this untouched paradise. Currently, boat making and seaweed farming are the leading businesses in Balabac. 

Lifestyle businesses also have high earning potential, considering the expected number of tourists wanting to explore Balabac and its 13 islands and islets. These businesses ensure tourists’ experience just as magical as the island’s breathtaking beaches.

Here are some of the many lifestyle businesses you can start in Balabac for tourists and locals to enjoy:

Self Photo Studio and Photography Services

Photos are a great way to immortalize a special event, including visiting the Balabac Islands. If you secure a commercial lot for sale by the beach in Balabac, consider starting a self-photo studio and offering photography services. Cater to tourists who love to take photos but need a companion to take their portraits while on vacation. You can also offer your services to couples who would like to have their prenup photos on the island.

Water Sports Equipment Rental

water sports equipment rental business
Kayaking in the clear blue waters of Palawan.

Aside from swimming, tourists and locals can enjoy the white sand beaches of Balabac through water sports. One of the best lifestyle businesses to start in this island paradise is water sports equipment rental. These include kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, scuba diving gear, and snorkeling equipment.

Specialty Cafe and Restaurant

Food will always be a booming business. If you want to start a business in Balabac, build a specialty cafe and restaurant featuring local produce from the island. You can also include menu items catering to international guests’ taste buds, including coffee, pastries, salads, and pasta. Since families are likely to visit Balabac, adding kiddie meals to your menu would be a wise move.

OOTD Retail Store

OOTD retail store

Locals of the Balabac Islands in Palawan produce cloth from tree bark. You can tap into this local resource and create outfits you can resell in your shop in Balabac. Doing so is also one way to preserve this tradition on the island and support locals. You can also sell dresses, swimsuits, accessories, footwear, and bags in your OOTD retail store. 

Gift Shop and Delivery Services

Souvenirs such as magnets, keychains, and postcards are in demand, especially in tourist hubs such as Palawan. Open a gift shop in Balabac and sell different souvenirs. Offer extra services such as delivery, so customers can send souvenirs to their friends and family worldwide straight from your shop.

Computer Rental Shop

Businesspeople and professionals are some of the tourists in the Balabac Islands. They would look for an internet connection and a computer should they need to work or go to a meeting while on vacation. It would be best to open a computer rental shop by the beach to cater to their needs. You can also offer WiFi connectivity to be paid per hour or minute, which is also helpful for locals in the area.

Laundry Business

laundry business

Tourists often have plenty of clothes with them during vacation. Offering laundry services to tourists allows them to make the most of their time on the island instead of spending hours washing their clothes. You can also offer services such as folding laundry and delivering them to their accommodations.

When it comes to starting a business, location is the key. Finding a commercial spot in touristy areas promises that your business will be accessible to your target market. Luckily, commercial lots are now open for sale for entrepreneurs looking to build their businesses on Balabac Island’s tourist spots. 

The Silom Town Center by Seanderg Realty and Development Corporation is located in Barangay Catagupan, an up-and-coming tourist spot in Balabac. Here, you can buy high-quality and reasonably priced beach lots with open spaces along the fine sands and crystal blue waters of Balabac. 

Sizes of lots for sale in this commercial development range from 110 to 222 square meters, perfect for the abovementioned businesses. The price of these amazing commercial lots starts at only Php 1.5 million!

Own a piece of tropical paradise in Palawan and work in a place where every day feels like being on vacation. Learn more about Silom Town Center here.

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